Dawn of a New Era - the past
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Previously on Ch.7:

Torn, shattered, and bleeding, I examined my right arm. Ugh. I couldn't even feel it! How would my completely shattered arm heal? And I couldn't rest, not with ever approachable monsters lurking about.
Then, suddenly, a scent of rain, mist, and just pure life radiated around me.

Now, Ch.8:

I scanned the mist-covered forest in front of me.
And then my eyes locked with a creature standing in the midst not ten feet from me.
It was a beauty to behold in the sight of anyone.
Realization hit me - it was a unicorn. Its horn came out from its head in a spiral and twisted formation, each curve was glistened in silver-like sparkles. Its long hair was even blacker than its coat, and the black beauty was absolutely stunning in the moonlight.
Then it approached, and I was alarmed. Would it try to kill me too? Before I could get up to either run या fight, I met the black beauty's soft and harmless midnight black eyes.
And I was completely locked in them that I couldn't हटाइए - I was फ्रोज़न still as it came before me.
The misty rain scent washed over me as it slowly bowed its head down. The tip of the unicorn's horn touched my wounded arm, and a warm, gentle, soft, and healing spread throughout my arm. And I saw and felt my arm heal. All the shattered bones. . . and the gaping, bloody holes left from the werewolf's teeth. . . all gone, all healed. Within mere seconds.
I gasped, and looked up to the creature standing before me.
"My. . . arm. . ." I mumbled, and stood up - feeling no pain at all.
"Thank you." I said, patting its soft head just under its horn.
यूनिकॉर्न were gentle creatures, the most gentle of them all. The most pure of them all. . . But the way I have been living up until now. . .
I didn't trust anyone, so I feared everyone.
The unicorn closed its eyes, as if in contentment, and then gently shook my hand off as it walked closer to me and knelt completely down - wanting me to get on its back. Well, it did heal me. . .
When I was securely on, it rose up gracefully and trotted through the ever-deepening mist.
I buried my head into the black beauty's midnight hair and took in its heavenly mist and rain scent that completely filled me with life.
Shortly after, we arrived at a small lake that seemed to be the स्रोत of the glistening mist. I niftly got off and took a few small steps toward the lake.
There was a magical. . . feeling emanating from the deep blue waters. I turned to face the creature.
"Why did आप bring me here?" I aked, and it slowly came walking to me.
Then it suddenly dipped its head down, and the tip of its horn lightly touched my forehead, and a white orb of light formed in between my forehead and the tip of the unicorn's horn. Then the orb of light entered into my mind and it began.
It - she was a female unicorn, and she had permitted me to see all of her memories.
The gift of knowing - sharing your memories with someone, was one of her three abilities.
The other two was the ability to stop someone या something in their tracks instantly; and then there was her healing ability.
But then I saw her past. . . She had been brought up into a herd of white unicorns. White meant purety and safety to all, and black meant darkness and destruction.
Her mother had raised her until she was fully grown, but then her herd began shunning her - and they cast her out.
For 248 years, she's wandered around this world, alone and shunned. . . which reminded me of, well, me. Except I had been wandering a lot longer.
Then she had stumbled unto this mystical place and found out that this place was absolutely सुरक्षित and protected from evil. And then she had hope; if this place allowed her to enter, then surely she was not full of darkness and destruction after all.
And then she sensed me, and came running. When she saw how much I was hurting, she wanted to heal me so she could take away my pain.
Then, we locked eyes. And every memory of mine instantly flowed into her mind - part of her unicorn trait, they automatically know everything about you, so that way they're connected to you, and आप to them.
We were the same. I had never found anyone या anything who had gone through almost as much as me in my entire existence.
I re-opened my eyes and stared into the black abyss of her eyes. We were connected, I could feel it.
My hand curled around the side of her long, smooth face.
"Oh, Flicka I -" I कहा without thinking, my eyes growing wide.
She tilted her head to the side curiously and I smiled.
"I don't know. . . I guess it just. . . came to me." I shrugged, and her eyes crinkled up a bit around the edges, and her mouth turned slightly up into a sincere smile.
"Do आप like the name. . . Flicka, I mean?" I asked, and she dipped her head down and then back up in a courteous nod.
I smiled.
"I like it too," I कहा while patting her head again.

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