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Thanks for everyone's comments! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

Weeks have went द्वारा since Edward almost invaded my mind and uncovered all of my deep, dark secrets. . . But he's never brought it up या discussed it with anyone. Thankfully.
All of the guys went out in the yard one दिन after they all met Flicka and started building a sort of furnished horse stable so Flicka could stay there since I spend most of my time here with the Cullens.
The living room window was open so Flicka could peek her head through and शामिल होइए the family as we were all sitting in the living room, sitting beside our beloved's.
"Jasper, bring...
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Here's Ch.55! Thx for all of your comments! And this one is for joe-edwardfan! प्यार आप hon!!!

I stumbled when it seemed I had just popped out of nowhere beside my brothers.
Everyone was shouting my name in relief.
Dude! Where'd ya go? Emmett thought and I looked at him questioningly.
You just vanished into thin air and then popped back here beside me and Jasper when आप WERE way over there! Is there some secret power आप didn't tell us about या something?
I shook my head and looked around and gasped.
The dragon was in the air struggling with something, something that was tearing it limb from limb....
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I'm so sorry it's been months since I last updated The Fallen!!! A lot has happened and I've been working on several other books, completing them, and also studying for my GED, so sorry that this came out late....:(


Angel was there, sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे waiting patiently. When she saw me, she smiled and I returned it.
"Hi," she कहा in her bright voice.
"Hey," I said, walking up to her and holding out my hand for her to take.
She took it, sending the most delightful feelings through me, and I helped her up.
"Would आप like a tour of the house?"
"Sure," she said, stunning me with her angelic...
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This one is for mary007! ^_^ Changed the banner because I was bored, and if any one ever needs stuff made for them just let me know!

*Edward's POV*

I started पढ़ना Romeo & Juliet again as I wished time would somehow go faster. It was a rare sunny दिन in Forks, which meant I would be spending time away from my love. She was at school and I was stuck in my room reading. . . without her.
I groaned and tossed the book aside.
"Man this sucks!" Emmett complained as he walked right in my room uninvited and sat down on the floor.
"What is it Emmett?" I asked in exasperation, not even bothering to...
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I dedicate this one to miley13! प्यार ya hon!!!:)

I've been wearing my new white बरसती, लबादा that my new family made for me almost everyday. Well, not to school at least. I just loved it because it brought back so many memories. . .
I sighed. Good and bad memories. . . it was a win-win I guess.
I was sitting in Biology, bored, since Edward wasn't here beside me. It was a rare sunny दिन in Forks, and while all were enjoying the warmth that doesn't shine here too often, I can say I felt the opposite. Because the Cullens were वैंपायर they had to stay within their house to avoid being seen द्वारा the human...
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So sorry that this came out later than I intended, it's just this week has been hectic for me.... my great grandma passed away and I had the funeral and didn't feel like लेखन much.... THEN I had to plan a party (yea, my life gets weird and बिना सोचे समझे sometimes) SO, I was busy, but hopefully now I'll be able to write more! I dedicate this chap to i-luv-jazz-hale! ^_^

Previously on Ch.51:

"And then?"
She shrugged.
"Then we just pretend to think it over and then say "okay", and let them off the hook."
Wow, I liked this idea already, surprisingly.
I smiled with her.
"Let's do it."
She giggled.
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I'd like to dedicate this chapter to both mcs50 and jacobswife1! प्यार आप guys!:D

*Bella's POV

After Alice's little outburst, she started ordering stuff online to "re-make" my old white cloak. I was excited about it, but the white outfit that I once wore was one of a kind. I was दिया it द्वारा the Confessors. . .
"So you're in प्यार with him?" Tanya asked, it was just me and the rest of the Denali's now. We were all outside because Alice ruthlessly demanded everyone to get out of the house while she set everything up. The rest of the Cullen's ventured off. . . some going to the store to get something...
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