Royal City RP 1: Broken Hearts Club
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posted by SnapeOWNSedward
If characters are related I recommend posting them together in the same मंच discussion.

Sanguines: Blood-drinking vampires. These are the elite of the kingdom. These include daywalkers, dracos (think of Count Dracula), nesferatus, etc.

Mortals:They are the slaves of the kingdom. Life for them is a nightmare. They live each दिन in fear that they may become victims of the royal family and the sanguine elite.

Human Immortals: Includes witches/wizards, necromancers, seers, etc. They are not treated as badly as their mortal counterparts, but they are still seen as सेकंड class citizens. Immortal...
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1. Do not post anything sexually explicit. (Remember many member are under the age of eighteen.)
2. Do not steal anybodies characters, especially mine.
3. Do not create a character that is part of the royal family, be the Archangel of Death (other death spirits and Archangels are allowed), या the Royal Witch. (There is a reason for this.)
4. Try not to be a Mary-Sue
5. Multiple characters are allowed. Post them in the मंच titled "profiles"
(I'll have another लेख with the character types in the city. Please post what race your character is.)

Description:The Royal City is small vampire-ruled...
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