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Pictures of an awsome cute hottie, Ross Lynch
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This रॉस लिंच चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

It's night time and Auslly is in their new house with Trish and Dez... In Ausllys Living room playing truth या dare

Dez : Ok.... Um... Austin! Truth या Dare?
Austin: Dare. *Winks at Ally*
Dez : Hmm.. Oh! I dare आप to... Pull down your underwire and pants.
Trish: Eww gross! Dez Wtf! Do something else!?
Dez: Nope.
Austin: Fine. * Does Dare*
Ally: Ohhhhh
Trish: *Goes to bathroom and pukes*
Austin: *Pulls up pants*
Ally: Oh your SOOO hot!
6 hours later At 3 in the morning
Auslly and Trez are drunk
Austin: *is drunk* हे Ally.
Ally: *Drunk too* I know.
Austin: *Starts making out with her*
Trez: Omfg
Auslly: * Making out*
Ally and Austin: * Pushing each other playfully*
Auslly: *French kissing*
Dez: Yeah I'm out. *Leaves*
Trish: I'll stay just to see if things get too wild.
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Ally: *Groans then moves little bit and land Right on Austin's back l(little प्यार if I say myself)*
Ally: Austin what time is it we might be late for school?
Austin: Oh your awake morning sunshine. Oh it's 6:00 we have time school starts at 8:00.
Ally: *Gets out of बिस्तर smiles *Austin can I change I front of you?
Austin: I won't look go for it.
Ally: *changes*
Austin: *turns around , then looks. Whispers* Woahhhh.
Ally : AUSTIN ! I'm done changing and I saw आप looking!
Austin: Fine I'll change in the bathroom
Ally:*wears a गुलाबी tight dress and गुलाबी hight heels
Austin:Done !*wears a red t कमीज, शर्ट and nice black shorts with a Christ necklace*
Ally: Puts on गुलाबी hoop earings.
Austin: Ok let's pick up breakfeast from school. I'll drive.

5 mins later
Austin: where there
Ally: Look at Trish and Dez!
Austin:There kissin-
Ally*covers Austin's mouth* She could of told us!

To be continued...........
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It's a Nice Saturday and Trish/Ally/Kristin are hanging out at the mall.

Kristin: हे Trish, This dress would look Sooooo cute! *Holds up dress with leopard strips and Black necklace*
Ally: I know right!
Trish: Ermmm. Well it's ok. But I like this one *Holds up dress with गुलाबी leopard Stripes and नारंगी, ऑरेंज हार with green and नारंगी, ऑरेंज leggings*
Ally: *Claps* Woo hoo!
Kristin : *Flips her Blonde hair and claps*
Ally: Dudes, Me and Trish have to go. Team Austin meeting.
Kristin: Kk bye!
Ally/ Trish: Bye! *Leave*
??? : *Bumps into Kristin and his पुस्तकें fall*
Kristin: I am all so sorry! *Picks up books*
?? ? : *Its ok.'Hi I'm Riker Moon'! Austin's brother!
Kristin: Oh हे Riker I'm Kristin!
Riker : Wanna hang out? There's a wicked video game convention ! Wanna come!?
Kristin : Shore! I प्यार video games! *Grabs his hand and goes to Game Stop.
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Ross Lynch is a backup dancer in this संगीत video.
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the rage
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This is when he auditioned for डिज़्नी channel when he was 13.Now he's 16
btw, whao - o - o - o o r notes from his world द्वारा crush 40.
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power of 3
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