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 see आप soon
see you soon
हे guys
i got some good and bad news
good is summer is gonna start soon and im gonna go visit my brother i cant wait

bad is im gonna leave फैन्पॉप for 4 MONTHS या
और so im gonna miss आप guys so freakin much

im sure no one will care if im alive या dead लोल since i rarely come on and if i do i never talk to new ppl sorry प्रशंसकों i never talked to and im boring
like only thing i talk about is के पॉप and chicken

so bye bye

btw im gonna be on all this week so if u wanna talk to me या something
 wish me luck
wish me luck
 chicken will be gone will आप miss me
chicken will be gone will you miss me
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I प्यार आप but I hate आप is that possible chapter 2 

Tiffany : 
Hey चोटी, शीर्ष I need u to drop me at the mall 

Top : 
Oh ok sure 

Tiffany : 
Ok thanks I will Chang my cloth and come 

Top : 

After 5 minutes 

Tiffany : 
I'm done let's go 

At the car 

Tiffany : हे can I start the radio 

Top : sure 

Starts the radio BIGBANG blue starts playing 

Top : now this is good music 

Tiffany : yeah when is BIGBANG realesing there new album 

Top : I don't know 

At the mall 

Tiffany : चोटी, शीर्ष your not coming 

Top : nah 

Tiffany : why ??? 

Top : if I came आप will not be able to खरीडिए trust me

Tiffany : haha ok bye...
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Tiffany :  hey bom hurry up या were going to be late

Bom : ok ok just a sec *sigh* 

Tiffany : come on

At school 
Some girls : omg I heard that theres some students from some idol group 

Tiffany :  there some fangirls really 

Bom : yeah 

Tiffany : हे I will bring my stuff from my locker and comeback 

Bom : ok I will wait here

at hallway

*some guy runs and hit Tiffany on the floor* 
Tiffany : हे watch we're your going *sigh* 

Guy : whatever u should watch where your going too!!

Tiffany : guys these days 

At class hallway

Tiffany : let's just eat I'm hungry 

Bom : kk what do u want 

Tiffany : I...
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I प्यार आप but I hate आप is that possible 
Tiffany (main) 
Bom (main)
GD (main)
Taeyang (main)
Dara (bom younger sister)
चोटी, शीर्ष (fany older brother)
Bora (bom older sister)
Nathan (Tiffany friend in America) 
Victoria (bom friend) 
Hi hi everyone it's me roro mmm it's my first time लेखन a fanfic so hope u guys like it oh and this story is about gfany ( GD and Tiffany) and bombae ( bom and taeyang ) so if u don't ship any of them u shouldn't be पढ़ना this लोल just jk and I haven't been online these days a lot I know I have been watch a lot of ऐनीमे do u guys full metal alchemist it's the best ऐनीमे ever I cried when al got he's body back (al is my fav in the anime) anyway why am I saying this anyway hope u guys enjoy it btw if u watched full metal alchemist tell me whos आप guys fav ok bye bye
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हे this लेख is about the thing I like / hate 

Male Idol bias : 
1 onew 
2 GD 
3 thunder 
4 top 
5 jonghyun 
6 key 
7 nickhun 
8 minho 
9 daesung 
10 vi 
Male group : 
2 shinee 
3 mblaq 
Color : 

Lovey complex 
Death note 

Drama ( k - j ) 
Boys over flower 
Full house 
Hana kimi
Shut up फूल boy band  

Katy perry 
Selena gomez  

Actress ( k - j ) 
Kim so eun 
Shiori Kutsuna

 female group : 
1 2ne1 
2 fx 
3 4minute 
4 t-ara
5 kara 
6 snsd  

Actor ( j - k ) 
Kim bum 
Lee min ho 
Ikuta Toma 

What I like / hate 
I like eye smiles lol
I like...
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dazzling girl
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