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This लेख is about why people are so senseless about Romione. द्वारा senseless I mean why they build up stupid ships like, Harry and Hermione, Ron and Luna, Malfoy and Hermione. I think the चोटी, शीर्ष reason is because they just don't want to except the fact that Ron and Hermione were made for each other. As Hagrid says, what would come, would come . . . and आप will have to meet it when it does. In my opinion i don't think आप are a true Harry Potter प्रशंसक unless आप suck it up and deal with the fact that Ron was made for Hermione, Harry made for Ginny, Neville made for Hannah. I know people have different देखा गया of things this is just my opinion, about the रमिअनी relationship. I don't know exactly how people can still ship Harry and Hermione या any other relationship involving Ron and Hermione not getting together after the heated Yule Ball argument या the awkward Prisoner of Azkaban hand scene. I think of it as something as terrible as murder when a person lays a hand on the way Jo Rowling writes because she made this whole magical world for us to read and enjoy not to change and ruin द्वारा making it the way we wanted it. She wanted everything the way she wanted it because it was her idea to make up this phenomenon not yours so please don't change this blessing. I will agree with Ron and Lavender because Jo made this the way she wanted it and it also made Hermione let her feelings burst about Ron. From the दिन Ron met Hermione there was this flicker of feeling for each other. I had always felt sorry for Harry because he had to go through Ron's jealousy of Viktor
"Pumpkin Head" Krum and Hermione's jealousy of Lavender Brown. Also because he is kind of like a third wheel in ways and i think he really was the only that realized about रमिअनी before it actually happened. This is the end of my
लेख and I hope somewhere out there a Potterite is inspired.
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