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World Famous Platter Kris Lamans
Celebrity Platters आइकन and internationally acclaimed singer, Kris Lamans, is creating major buzz in the industry and bringing romance back to women across America with the mastering of his new R&B single release, "Close To You." Kris' single, "Close To You," is currently set for a worldwide digital release on October 18, 2011 and is featured on Kris' upcoming EP "Dressed For Love" with distribution through PRG/PTE/LRT/INgrooves Universal. "Close To You" combines R&B, HipHop, and romantic, sensual lyrics that bring to life personal intimacy like only Kris Lamans can deliver.

"With the release of 'Dressed For Love,' America will experience major increases in national population," says Kevin Dorsey, संगीत Director for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, and Dancehall Reggae Star, ABM/CEO of Platinum Trini Entertainment. "I'm so impressed with this EP and the release of 'Close To You,' I would be willing to put my rap record on the back burner if I had to. 'Close To You' is super hot for lovers. Check it out," says ABM, CEO of PTE.