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This रॉक रॉयल(माइंडलेस बिहेवियर) चित्र might contain चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

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Mindless Behavior on a Radio दिखाना freestyling !! Prodigy गाना & rapping ?! Roc rapping & गाना ?! Princeton dropping some ad-libs लोल ?! रे just idk लोल ! ILY Mindless Behavior THEY ARE THE BEST !!
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 rays' present 2 nae!
rays' present 2 nae!
Narroter:now yu kno on da last 1 part 9 nae कहा she was goin out wit रे read here
nae:Rayrayy would u like 2 go on a तारीख, दिनांक wit me 2day
Ray:sure Nae (aye dat ryhms)
Nae:be ready द्वारा 7" k
Ray:i stay ready (lol)
narroter:nxt she wil go get him out of his room and they go 2 a restraunt called Le' Pope' read!=)
Waiter:table 4 2
Ray:yes plz
Nae:dnt it look like it
Waiter: *mumbles* rude *speaks up* Okayy follow me plz
Narroter:they get 2 theyre table
Waiter:do yu प्यार birds wanna start off wit ur drink
waiter: wat would it be 4 u ma'am
Waiter:sir *winks at ray*
Ray:pepsi plz
Waiter:okay be baq...
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