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 They're perfect for each other..<3
They're perfect for each other..<3
POV of Robsten Fans:
”I प्यार them because they are not attention seekers ... they do their job for passion and not to seek attention."

"For me, what I प्यार most is how ~anti Hollywood they both are. They’re in it because they’re passionate about अभिनय and not because they crave the attention and publicity. Which is और than what I can say about a lot of celeb couples out there. They seem to share a lot of the same values and देखा गया on celeb life and how that shouldn’t define a person.

I also प्यार how that despite how busy they are (Rob’s schedule, particularly, is super crazy), they...
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I was late. I should have been on set an घंटा ago. I started to run from my recently parked car to my trailer with the hope that maybe I was not the only one who was late. The road between them seemed so oddly long. I ran and ran with the wind blowing in my face and making my hair stop my view. When I was almost there a familiar face showed up. It was Ashley. I started talking very loud, very quickly without noticing the look on her face.
‘Oh my God Ashley I’m so sorry I’m late. And in my first दिन ! Crap Catherine must be so pissed off. I don’t know what I was thinking. I….’
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