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E.T. katy perry
Not Afraid ऐमिनैम
आप and I lady gaga
प्यार Story taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट
प्यार the Way आप Lie ऐमिनैम ft. रिहाना
आप Make Me Feel Good
American Boy
Teenage Dream katy perry
California Gurls katy perry
California King बिस्तर रिहाना
T.G.I.F. katy perry
Zombie the cramberries
On the Floor pitbull
Worldwide btr
If I Had आप adam lambert
Bring Me To Life
Live Ya Life
Perfect hannah montana
प्यार आप Like a Lovesong

Remember,if आप didn't see a good प्यार song,let me know!I am called rexsgirl123.I relly hoped आप liked this सूची a lot.Remember,rexsgirl123.