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posted by hornean
With a mournful moan and silken tone,
Itself alone comes ONE TROMBONE.
Gliding, sliding, high notes go low;
ONE तुरही, ट्रॉम्बोन is playing SOLO.

Next, a TRUMPET comes along,
And sings and stings its swinging song.
It joins TROMBONE, no और alone,
And ONE and TWO-O, they’re a DUO.

Fine FRENCH HORN, its valves all oiled,
Bright and brassy, loops all coiled,
Golden yellow; joins its fellows.
TWO, now THREE-O, what a TRIO!

Now, a mellow friend, the CELLO,
Neck extended, bows a “hello”;
End pin set upon the floor,
It makes up a QUARTET—that’s FOUR.

And soaring high and moving in,
With ZIN! ZIN! ZIN! a VIOLIN,...
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posted by hornean
Long ago,
before the Civil War,
there was an old sailor called Peg Leg Joe
who did what he could to help free the slaves.

Joe had a plan.
He'd use hammer and nail and saw

and work for the master, the man
who owned slaves
on the cotton plantation.

Joe had a plan.
At night when work was done,
he'd teach the slaves a song
that secretly told the way
to freedom.
Just follow the drinking gourd, it said.

When the song was learned
and sung all day,
Peg Leg Joe would slip away
to work for another master
and teach the song again.

One day
a slave called Molly saw her man James
sold to another master.
James would be taken away,...
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One sunny day, a क्वीन honeybee leaves her hive. Other bees, called drones, follow her. The क्वीन mates with a drone. Now she can lay eggs.

The क्वीन flies back to the hive. Laying many eggs in her job. She puts one egg in each cell.

In three days the eggs hatch. Out come larvae. Worker bees feed the larvae.

After five या six days, workers cover the larvae cells. Inside the cell, the larvae grow into a pupa. In about ten days, a young bee comes out of the cells.

Hives have only one queen. Most other bees are workers. Some bees are drones. Workers are females. Drones are males.

Young worker bees...
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posted by hornean
Mrs. Davis felt peculiar as she took her morning bath.
“I feel like I’m being watched,” she कहा to herself.
And she was being watched…

…by Shirley Rat, the nosiest person in town.
“I see you’re using बकाइन bubble bath,” कहा Shirley. “I personally prefer rose.”
Mrs. Davis pulled down the shade.

“I प्यार to know what’s going on,” कहा Shirley. “I don’t get paid for it—it’s my hobby.”
And Shirley’s hobby kept her very busy.

Reading other people’s mail took half the morning.
“You learn such interesting things,” कहा Shirley.

Listening in on private telephone conversations,...
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posted by hornean

How many prongs do आप see?
I see two on the bottom—but on the top, three

Solution: Cover the चोटी, शीर्ष of the trident and आप see two prongs. Cover the bottom and the trident now has three prongs. आप can draw this object, but आप can’t construct it. (impossible-object illusion)


The red tape on the letter is longer than the blue. But is this really true? Remember, now आप are in OPT!

Solution: Angles are sometimes tricky! The red and blue tapes on the envelope are the same length. If आप remove the...
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posted by hornean
He was so small that his mother didn’t know he was there. The other piglets were always pushing and shoving, squealing greedily for food.

But the tiny pig was gentle, quiet, and never greedy. He always kept clean. While the other piglets rolled around in the mud, he would lie under his प्रिय पेड़ wishing for wings to carry him into the sky.
One दिन he heard a terrible squeal. A large बुआई करना, बोना had fallen in the road. The little pig crawled under the fence and ran to help her.

He had to push with all his might, but at last he got the बुआई करना, बोना up on her feet again.

The बुआई करना, बोना thanked the little pig and she...
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posted by hornean
Every fall, when the leaves start melting into pretty purples and reds and those bright golden shades of pumpkin, Mama says, “Coat time, Gabrielle!”

And they ride two trains to Grandpa’s tailor खरीडिए in the city. On the Silver Express from Meadowlawn to Pennsylvania Station, Gabby sits close to the window, her nose pressed to the smudge-glass for nearly an hour.

At Penn Station they walk fast, through long, dark passageways and underground tunnels. On a distant speaker someone calls out, “Thirty-fourth Street! Thirty-fourth Street! Change here for the Downtown Express, Uptown Express and...
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posted by hornean
My dad, Nino, makes the best पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा in the world.
I’m his best helper.

I help knead the पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा dough,

I help stir the पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा sauce,

and I help grate the cheese.

When the customers are finished, I know how to pick up their plates

and carry out the dirty dishes.

I help give the extra pizzas to hungry people in the alley who have no homes.

And…I help my dad serve our पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा pies!

People come from all over town to eat at Little Nino’s.
They wait in long lines because our restaurant is so small.

One night a man came to see my dad after the last pizza.
What did he want?

That night my dad told my mom we would...
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posted by hornean
Boy: Tell me the story again, Grandfather. Tell me who I am.
Grandfather: I have told आप many times, Boy. आप know the story द्वारा heart.
Boy: But it sounds better when आप tell it, Grandfather.
Grandfather: Then listen carefully. This may be the last telling.
Boy: No, no, Grandfather. There will never be a last time. Promise me that. Promise me.
Grandfather: I promise आप nothing, Boy. I प्यार you. That is better than a promise.
Boy: And I प्यार you, Grandfather, but tell me the story again. Please.

Grandfather: Once there was a boy child…
Boy: No, Grandfather. Start at the beginning. Start at the beginning....
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Brian found a समन्दर, सलमंडर in the woods. It was a little नारंगी, ऑरेंज समन्दर, सलमंडर that crawled through the dried leaves of the forest floor.
The समन्दर, सलमंडर was warm and cozy in the boy’s hand. “Come live with me,” Brian said.
He took the समन्दर, सलमंडर home.

“Where will he sleep?” his mother asked.
“I will make him a समन्दर, सलमंडर बिस्तर to sleep in. I will cover him with leaves that are fresh and green, and bring moss that looks like little stars to be a तकिया for his head. I will bring crickets to sing him to sleep and bullfrogs to tell him good-night stories.”

“And when he wakes up, where will...
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posted by hornean
See the piggy,
See the puddle,
See the muddy little puddle.
See the piggy in the middle
Of the muddy little puddle.
She her dawdle, she her diddle
In the muddy, muddy middle.
See her waddle, plump and little,
In the very merry middle.

See her daddy,
Fuddy-duddy, fuddy-duddy, fuddy-duddy.
“Don’t आप get all muddy,
Muddy, muddy, muddy, muddy.
You are much too plump and little
To be in the muddy middle.
Mud is squishy, mud is squashy,
Mud is oh so squishy-squashy.
What आप need is lots of soap.”
But the piggy answered,
“Squishy-squashy, squishy-squashy—NOPE!”

See her mommy,
Fiddle-faddle, fiddle-faddle,...
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posted by hornean
Once there was a goat named Gregory.
Gregory liked to jump from rock to rock, kick his legs into the air, and butt his head against walls.
“I’m an average goat,” कहा Gregory.

But Gregory was not an average goat.
Gregory was a terrible eater.
Every time he sat down to eat with his mother and father, he knew he was in for trouble.

“Would आप like a tin can, Gregory?” asked Mother Goat.
“No, thanks,” कहा Gregory.
“How about a nice box, a piece of rug, and a bottle cap?” asked Father Goat.
“Baaaaa,” कहा Gregory unhappily.

“Well, I think this is a meal fit for a goat,” कहा Mother...
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If आप give a माउस a cookie,

he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.

When आप give him the milk,

he’ll probably ask आप for a straw.

When he’s finished, he’ll ask for a napkin.

Then he’ll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a दूध mustache.

When he looks into the mirror,

he might noice his hair needs a trim.

So he’ll probably ask for a pair of nail scissors.

When he’s finished giving himself a trim, he’ll want a झाड़ू to sweep up.
He’ll start sweeping.

He might get carried away and sweep every room in the house.

He may even end up washing the floors as well!

When he’s...
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posted by hornean
The place is Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. The साल is 1999. On May 11, after months of careful research and planning, होल्ली, होली Evans launches vegetable seedlings into the sky.

On May 18, the young scientist reports on her experiment. होल्ली, होली intends to study the effects of extra-terrestrial conditions on vegetable growth and development. She expects the seedlings to stay aloft for several weeks before returning to earth.
Her classmates are speechless.

The तारीख, दिनांक is June 29. Shortly after sunrise, a member of the Billings, Montana, Moose Lodge, hiking through the Rocky Mountains, makes a startling discovery....
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posted by hornean
My name is Maxi,
I ride in a taxi
Around New York City all day.
I sit अगला to Jim,
(I belong to him),
But it wasn’t always this way.

I grew up in the city,
All dirty and gritty,
Looking for खाना after dark.
I roamed all around,
Avoiding the pound,
And lived on my own in the park.

One दिन a car stopped—
Its tire had popped.
Out stepped a tall man, I could see.
He came over and said
As he patted my head,
“Are आप lost? आप can come घर with me!”

Did I hear right? Oh, boy!
My tail wagged with joy—
I jumped right up on the seat!
He said, “My name’s Jim,”
I could ride घर with him
And he’d give me...
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posted by hornean
आप wake up one morning. But आप don’t feel like getting out of bed. Your arms and legs ache. Your head hurts. आप have a fever. And your throat is sore.
“I’m sick,” आप say. “I must have caught a germ.”
Everyone knows that germs can make आप sick. But everyone knows how.

Germs are tiny living things. They are far too small to see with your eyes alone. In fact, a line of one thousand germs could fit across the चोटी, शीर्ष of a pencil!
There are many different kinds of germs. But the two that usually make आप sick are bacteria and viruses.

Under a microscope, some bacteria look like little round...
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posted by hornean
Henry wanted to fly. Everybody in his family had gone up with the balloon, but The Man always declared, “I’m not flying with that cat!”

The Man had been taking pilot’s lessons, and this time he was going to solo.
Henry grumbled and his tail switched, as he watched the people crunch around on the crusty March snow.

The Kid and The Woman open the mouth of the colorful balloon, while The Man blew it up with a gasoline-powered fan. Then the Instructor blasted warm air into the balloon from the burner mounted on a frame below it.
“Watch your fuel gauge,” he told The Man. “You don’t want...
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posted by hornean


Boy 1: Mrs. Rudolph, come see what Tom did.
Boy 2: Look what Tom did!
Boy 3: All द्वारा himself.
Girl 1: How did he reach?
Girl 2: Wow.
Girl 3: He must feel proud.
Girl 4: He’s a genius.
Boy 4: That’s some अंतरिक्ष capsule!
Boy 5: He used up all the blocks.
Boy 6: It’s great, Tom.
Tom: Thanks.
John: I could do that.


Boy 3: Poor Tom.
Girl 2: I can’t look.
Boy 2: John’s always doing things like that.
Girl 1: He has no feelings!
Boy 1: Mrs. Rudolph, come see what John did!
Boy 4: He did it on purpose!
Girl 4: You’re mean!
Boy 6: You’re spiteful!
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posted by hornean
Cows are grazing in an open window. They are dairy cows, the दूध makers.

Other जानवर make milk, too. But dairy cows make most of the दूध we use.

There are five common breeds of dairy cows. The Holstein-Friesian is the most लोकप्रिय because it can produce और दूध than the other breeds.

A cow is able to make दूध when she is two years old and has दिया birth to a calf. Her दूध is the खाना for her baby. She makes और than her गाय का बच्चा, बछड़ा will ever need—so we use the extra milk.

A few months after her गाय का बच्चा, बछड़ा is born, a cow is bred again to have another calf. She will be pregnant for nine months. Two...
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I live at 165 East 95th Street, New York City, and I’m going to stay here forever.

My mother and father are moving. Out West.

They say I have to go, too.
They say I can’t stay here forever.

Out West nobody plays baseball because they’re too busy chasing buffaloes.

And there’s cactus everywhere आप look.
But if आप don’t look, आप have to stand up just as soon आप sit down.

Out West it takes fifteen मिनटों just to say hello.
Like this: H-O-W-W-W-D-Y, P-A-A-A-R-D-N-E-R.

Out West I’ll look silly all the time.
I’ll have to wear chaps and spurs and a bandana and a hat so big...
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