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Faa all da रे रे प्रेमी :)..no bad commentss plz
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This रे रे (माइंडलेस बिहेवियर) चित्र might contain चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

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Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened back there. I just लॉस्ट my virginity to...to....randy. What the hell was i thinking....but the way he did it...the way he kissed me...it just felt sooo.......GOOD. So i left and started walking to my locker to get all my stuff and go घर when keke walked up to me. Keke:hey chica?!Me:wassup. Keke:nooooo wayy??? Me:what??Keke:why are आप all of a sudden standing soo gap legged....only people who have sex for the first time spread out like that.Me:what are आप talking about??Keke:you लॉस्ट your virginity cuz when आप stand आप have a gap in your...
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Rayray: why आप never call me at आप pick mindlesskeke16. Me: bae do u have to fuse about it Rayray: I'm not fuse why आप always telling me I'm bout to fuse. Me: because आप is आप always yelling at me like I'm 5 साल old. Rayray : alright how i was yelling at you. Me: just i look i don't have much time for this ok. Rayray: alright then me too. Mindlesskeke16: Terian here is Princeton Me: girl i don't know where is Princeton but i know one thing that me and rayray was fuse he talking about to fuse he stare yelling at me Mindlessskeke: if he could asking his phone. Me: girl try to call him again....
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Rayray: bae where u going today Me: I'm going pick up my friend mindlesskeke16 Rayray: that kool i will be in the car driveing to the store. Mindlesskeke16: hello girl where u at. Me: I'm द्वारा to pick आप from the gas stage. Mindlesskeke16: ok call me when आप on your way. Me: ok alright girl bye. Mindlessskeke: bye. Rayray: Princeton come here do u want to go with mindlesskeke16 Princeton: who is mindlesskeke16 Rayray: boy Terian friend mindlesskeke16. Princeton: yeah i want to go with Mindlessskeke so we have kids oh yeah. Rayray: हे हे dont about आप wanna have kids I'm not द्वारा to talk about...
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Im sooorrryy my goonettes! :'( I make stories everywhere lol. But on with this one! :)


After class Prince and I walked to lunch but he had to make a stop.

Prince: हे uh, can आप go with me somewhere real quick?

Me: Sure, where to?

Prince: (smiles) Just follow me. (Start running down the hall)

Me: Okay, wait up! (Jogging after him)

After a while I realized that we were heading for the school doors. But I did question, I just went with the flow. We snuck outside and I saw this: link .

Me: Holy Shit,...
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I luv all da boys of mb. But rayray its just somthing about him that makes him the one i luv the most. I luv his VERY long braids. I प्यार his style and his very funny personality. I make sure that when i put और posters on my दीवार that i have the most of rayray. He is on my mind all दिन everyday i can never stop thinking about him no matter what im doing. Sometmes in class i just stare at his picture in my binder. I try not to look at it bcuz i know once i look at it im not gonna b able to stop. Everynight i fall asleep looking at his poster on my wall. And every night i pray about them. Everytime...
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this one is ALOT better,prepare to faint.cause आप r bout 2 see something awesome!
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रे रे telling Princeton to shush his a$$