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While preparing breakfast, Kasumi and the others we're hearing a lot of noises upstairs Ranma, Akane and (and who?)Himena Kayara (who is a cute character...and is also a stubborn but a sweet girl just like Akane)is racing downstairs..

"We're gonna be late thanks to you, Ranma!"Akane growled.

The three we're running as fast as they can.When the three reached at their classroom,they we're on time.
"Thank goodness!"Himena sighed.After hours in class,
the three walked home.

"Aw,man I'm starving..."Ranma murmured"Lucky दिन for आप Ranma,we're stopping द्वारा at Ukyo's resturant!"Himena told Ranma with a...
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Of course I was happy that Ryoga told me that he made the deal. I was happy that I could come to the wedding. I was even happy on the walk to the chapel. I had purchased another dress: this one a bit और formal. That दिन I looked like a dim copy of my usual self. I wore dark गुलाबी with a white collar. It puffed out a bit on the bottom because of a white dress underneath. In my hands I held crimson गुलाब that, in the gentle breeze I could smell without ruining them.
"Is there anything else आप would like to share with me about your stay at the Tendo's house?" Ryoga asked, straightening his red...
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I had this coming: Instead of opening my eyes to the gentle sight of Ranma sleeping soundly with his strong arms embracing me, I was rudely awakened द्वारा a frying pan to the head.
"YOU--!!" Akane screamed, wheezing and standing over us. I jerked my head to Ranma for assistance, but he was unconscious on the floor with a large bump on his forehead. I jumped up and ran shouting to the kitchen.
"HEEELP!" I hid behind Kasumi who was preparing breakfast.
"Akane, dear, what happened?" Kasumi asked; her voice was a bit frightened.
"I'll tell आप what happened! That sneaky little jerk was sleeping with...
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