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I think he's high

I think he's high

Smosh:Riding A Fat Kid!

Smosh:Fat Kid Slide Fail

Smosh:Fat Kid Kung Fu

Alec Baldwin screams at Dora

Charlie Sheen epic facepalm

Facepalm Compilation

Rebecca Black My Moment Official संगीत VIDEO


MIDNIGHT RED - Rockstar Lover

Pee Wee Herman - टकीला

सुपरमैन - Womenizer

Crazy Clown - English & Chinese Sub - Hatsune Miku Kaito - クレイヂィ・クラウン

Brilliant and Disturbing एनीमेशन (warning: fucking scary.)

Dr.Cox doesn't hate gays

आप a bright man? NOO I'M NOT!!

Annoying Orange-Grampa नींबू

Annoying Orange-Lady पास्ता

Mr.Bean Credit Card!

Trolling Saruman

and iihheeya...will always leov yeow...AA!

Naked तिल Rap

Eating A blended Happy Meal

How to make a सैंडविच

Bootleg Fireworks gone wrong!

Dora the explorer:find a तारीख, दिनांक

Onision the demon

एल likes to creep people out

Smosh:Killer Teddy भालू

I am फ्रेड

Smosh:5 ways to get a girl!

The Harry Potter Pill!

Slipknot Psychosocial + Nyan Cat

Funny cat going down the stairs

Cat that barks like a dog until it is caught and meows again

Take This Pill

STRUT DAT नितंब, गधा

Spongebob Runs Over Justin Bieber

Weezer - Say It Ain't So

The Vines - Miss Jackson (Outkast Cover)

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

निर्वाना - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Middle Class Rut - New Low

blink-182 - The Rock दिखाना

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

आप Me At Six - Safer To Hate Her

The Vines - Ride

Puddle of Mudd - She f***ing hates me

Papa Roach - Forever

Modest माउस - Float On

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry

Kitten suddenly falls asleep


30 मिनटों या Less - Official Trailer [HD]

Right Round (Chipmunks)

The Amazing World of Gumball-Gumball tries to save Anais

Yellow Submarine Part 1 XD

Cooking with Sarah Palin! (LOL)

How to peel a केला, केले like a monkey.

Staind - Its Been A While (lyrics)

♂·ⓓⓔⓡⓟ ·♂ ·ⓙⓤⓘ©ⓔ·♂

Penguins of madagascar- and theeeeeeeeeeeen??? XD

this is so flippin scary!

Yoi should really listen tio this song...it's pretty awesome


KIDS REACT to Keyboard Cat



Kids React to YouTube Stars (Annoying Orange, MysteryGuitarMan, Fred, iJustine)

KIDS REACT TO VIRAL वीडियो #5 (Charlie Bit My Finger, Golden Voice Homeless Man, Double Dream Hands)

Kids React to Viral वीडियो #4 (David After Dentist, Justin Bieber Hit at Concert)

Kids React to Viral वीडियो #3 (Chocolate Rain, Psycho Girl Can't Sing, Pretty Girl Makes Faces)

Kids React to Viral वीडियो #1 (Double Rainbow, Obama Fail, Twin Rabbits, Snickers हैलोवीन

Kids React to Nyan Cat

Real Life Nyan Cat

Wheatley Flirting.

GloZell on Rebecca Black

I'm not racist!

The Bestest Video game song Ever!

The Bust

The Adventures of Puffincat Episode 6

Adventures of the Puffincat Episode 5

Adventures of the Puffincat Episode 4

Adventures of the Puffincat Episode 3

Adventures of the Puffincat Episode 2

Adventures of the Puffincat Episode 1

Two बिना सोचे समझे Video Game Shorts

A good partner is essential

Have आप ever had a dream like this?

Dont Be Angry

How to do the गूगल magic trick

Nothing Left to Hide- Hot Chelle Rae

Tonight Tonight Lyrics

Prove It

Pinkie Pie's Abortion Song

Sarcasm at its best, या worst.