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The Worst Song of 2012 so far


Twilight Rifftrax {Kevin Murphy's interpretation of Edwards song to Bella.}

The Truth About Religion


brian head welch-I am सेकंड

Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis - Ballade de Melody Nelson

Atlas Hands

nuclear war

आग burning


Dope ज़ेबरा

क्रिस्मस Prank scaring Santa Clause - Season 2 Episode 3

Crazy Dance

Human Giant - Pinatas XDXD

Human Giant - Rise to the Challenge X''D

Swindle Tips: Free Coffee! XD

Nyan Mario

और info dealing with SOPA and PIPA


Best Lyrical video Evar!!!

Never Ending Story - Limahl

Roxette - Listen to your दिल

Strange Wilderness शार्क {LOOPED more}

Is SOPA going to pass?

crazy kid

A call to action for webmasters around the world

World's Fastest Talker Attempt - 650 WPM

Fresh Prince - Karaoke


crazy बत्तख, बतख song

I Defy You, दिल Man!

Voldemort [Whip My Hair Spoof]

Snape kills Justin Bieber

This video brings the meaning of 'Sexy Back'

Supermac18 - The Song Movie! [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The cursed Tape from The Ring

Meet The (Violent) Soldier

Power Rangers Time Force theme

Terry Crews - Crazy Old Spice Commercials

Shania Twain - You're Still The One

[APH] America Disapproves.

Epic Rap Battles of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Augie March - One Crowded घंटा

tribute to my fave actress

God is a Girl

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Fight

Barack Obama गाना Born This Way द्वारा Lady Gaga [OFFICIAL]

Nico Nico Chorus- Cendrillion (120 Singers)

Golden Globes-Ricky Gervais

Epic Pie Time!

Terabithia school song (Zooey Deschanel - Someday)

ग्ली - Dancing क्वीन (Full Performance) (Official संगीत Video)

Logan Lerman || Smile || 20th Birthday!

harry potter | when i'm falling down

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Live At The Premises)

Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song

Travelin' Soldier - Dixie Chicks *Lyrics*

Ahan इन्ना ahagena inna-mekala gamage (fan made video)

Ben Stiller -Duplex

Germany hits justin beiber with a grenade (no offense to fans)

America is scared of Rebecca black!

Rebecca kills Petter Griffin

Shane Dawson

Boston-More Than A Feeling

Robbie Williams- Feel

No Pants Subway Ride 2012

I दिल Hello Kitty BOTDF

Joan Baez, Mimì Baez - Catch the wind

cute baby

Nelly Furtado- All Good Things(Come To An End)

its fucking bedtime

La La Wee, La La Woo

Im A Crazy Weirdo Song

My Sacrifice - Creed

maroon 5 - sunday morning

Do it like your hardcore 8\

Westlife - When You're Looking Like That

Cyndi Lauper -Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Why So British?

बाज़, बाज़न पंच Kirby Song

Epic Rap Battles of टट्टू History: Twilight vs. Trixie

-Box सैंडविच Maru.-

Lackadaisy Valentino प्रशंसक Dub

30 सेकंड Bunnies: Die Hard

Hetalia- Bank of Ivan


A1 - everytime

Hetalia- End of the world

How to straighten your thumb

Anything Hikaru does Kaoru does better.

Grannie Pwns Noobs

Mr. सेम, बीन - Mr. Bombastic

YTP: Bill Nye's Big Dick Theory

Hidan is now Tigerstar


Violin Super Mario [EPIC]

The Police - Every Breath आप Take

दिल - Alone