बिना सोचे समझे Well since I have so many dead प्रिय characters...who had the cruelest death?

Pick one:
Beatrice (Impaled)
Beatrice...yeah she died twice (Falling off a Cliff)
Nellie Lovett (Burned alive)
2003 ऐनीमे Lust (Murdered until she stayed dead)
Brotherhood Lust (Murdered to death--Shot like ten times and then burned alive)
Jadis (Mauled द्वारा a lion *coughAslancough*)
Erica (Werewolf vs werewolf fight)
Book Bellatrix (Killing Curse)
Movie Bellatrix (Exploded into Bellatrix confetti...)
Isabella (Castle exploded with her inside it)
Medusa (Stabbed to death द्वारा her son)
Azula (Old age, creators stated that everyone from अवतार died...
Faora-Ul (Blackhole)
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