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A Test that will Reveal your Perception of Life



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MaryZaki said:
1. Curious
2. I think I found something! feel at peace…
3. I see the sky, the symmetry, the harmony and the balance! Feels Good!
4. Beautiful!
5. Anxious! I will think for few seconds before doing anything.
6. I will leap towards it. Depends, may be take a few sips, drink half of it or not drink at all and save it for others.
7. Trust my heart in this situation.
8. Calm and scared at same time! Think of my Lord and maybe talk to him secretly at first. Then think of my family ,friends and feel for safety of those around me.
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1. A sense of Serenity washing over me.
2. Feeling nostalgic and a bit melancholic (the good kind).
3. Envy and Inspiration.
4. I imagine the herd running over an open field. A majestic sight.
5. I will try to find a way to get across so I can reach the oasis.
6. Let one drop of it fall to the ground first and if everything looks okay afterwards, I carefully take a sip.
7. Approach carefully and observe. My course of action afterwards will depend on what I discern.
8. Stand my ground, take some time to admire the view (I like Fogs) and slowly try to find a way out !!!!
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