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What I'm gonna post is something for fun. In other ways, we sometimes find that true between most of husbands and wives.

-A short conversation between husband and his wife.
Check out the first दिन after the wedding.

Husband: Wow! finally my dream will come true.
Wife: Do आप want me to leave you?
Husband: Noo! don't say that again.
Wife: Do आप प्यार me?
Husband: Suuuure.
Wife: So, do आप think that one दिन आप may leave me?
Husband: Of course not.
Wife: Okay, can आप किस me *blushes*?
Husband: Of course, also on your face (cheek).
Wife: Do आप think that आप may पंच me one day?
Husband: Noway.
Wife: Can I trust you?
Husband: yeah.
Wife: Darling.

-Now read the conversation from the below to the चोटी, शीर्ष in order to know what happened after one year.

Have fun. ;D
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Make Him Addicted To YouSay These “Secret” Words To Make Him Fall Madly In प्यार With You
Ask around, या if you're shy, ask a good friend to help (find out if he likes you, या is dropping hints).If आप catch him staring at you, look at him in the eyes and try to hold contact for a few seconds. If he keeps contact, आप know he likes आप back. If he turns away, it could mean he likes आप and is shy. (Alternatively, it could mean your कमीज, शर्ट tag is hanging out - beware, as there are multiple reasons people stare at each other.)If a guy likes you, he tends to...
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(WARNING: Profanity OUT OF THE WAZOO! Viewer discretion advised. Also, pie.)

(I will drive आप to madness द्वारा letting आप figure out why the heck I कहा pie. ;D)

Here's a trick question, what's one plus one? ^___^


Seriously, I don't mean to be mean, (BAD PUNS FTW!) But Jason Derulo.... He's not good. Almost every song he made is either bland, lame, forgettable, या perverted as hell.

Some MASTERPIECES he made include Talk Dirty, In My Head, and......

Wiggle Wiggle. :P


And then there's..... This song, I wouldn't call it Jason's worst song, but it's...
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OK here's part 3 - remember these aren't in any particular order

Name: Tom Ward (Actor)
From: Silent Witness
Character: Dr Harry Cunningham
Attraction: He's just so gorgeous - very manly

Name: Andrew Gower (Actor)
From: Being Human
Character: Nick Cutler
Attraction: His mouth and the way he talks (if you've not seen Being Human - आप should watch it just for him lol) - and he looks a little like David Thewlis (although maybe not so much in this picture)

Name: Alex Pettyfer (Actor)
From: Beastly
Character: Kyle
Attraction: Think it's actually the hair for me

Name: James Buckley...
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