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posted by lupichkata
Sorry, if it's too short, but that's all i could think of.
1. Go to him and say "I know what आप did last summer and i'll tell Ron." and see what his reaction is.
2. Poke him with a wand या a stick and when he turns around, pretend it wasn't you.
3. Tell him he has his mother's eyes and his father's package.
4. Laugh hysterically every time he walks in front of आप and when he asks why whisper "I've read your diary." then run away. Still laughing hysterically.
5. Ask him how his parents are.
6. Ask him if Dumbledore has proposed yet.
7. Write an erotic story about Snape and Harry's mom and read it...
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•    HUG it daily
•    Be nice and pet it when it is feeling emotional
•    Kiss it twice everyday
•    Play patty cake with it fiercely
•    Don’t cuss in your house
•    Give it an even number of baths everyday (You better be listening!)
•    Don’t let it watch educational television
•    Enter the room with a bow ,when आप visit your घोड़े dormitory
•    Don’t ever scare it या tease it with yarn...
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1. आप grind your coffee beans in your mouth.
2. The only time you’re standing still is during an earthquake.
3. आप take चित्रो of yourself from ten feet away without using your camera’s auto-timer.
4. Your eyes stay open when आप sneeze.
5. आप don’t even wait for the water to boil anymore.
6. You’re elected "Employee of the Month" at स्टारबक्स and आप don’t even work there.
7. आप spend every vacation visiting "Maxwell House."
8. Your बिल्ली are named "Cream" and "Sugar."
9. आप can’t even remember your सेकंड cup.
10. आप can jump-start your car without cables.

*** I didn't write this. i got it from link
i thought it was funny and wanted to share it***
 The केबिन
The Cabin
केबिन for the Summer
By: moolah
Chapter Eleven: James
    “She’s what?” Tori screamed, in horror. Dr. Haffer looked at her again, “She’s about 2 months pregnant.” Tori gagged. I was horrified. I looked at my hands. “She’s pregnant?” I asked. Tori was in tears again. “No, this can’t be. We…” I thought back to 2 months ago. It was that party Damian had thrown. Chelsea and I had been in love. I sighed. It was no use. She was pregnant. I bit my lip and walked out the door. I couldn’t deal with this. I would go back to the house,...
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केबिन for the Summer
Chapter Ten: Chelsea & Others
(I know this isn’t supposed to be Chelsea’s chapter, but since Chelsea and James broke up something is going to happen!)
By: moolah

    “I can’t do this anymore!” I screamed in his face, tears running down my face. “Stop yelling at me!” He yelled, a fist at his side. “It’s not helping anything!” Tori walked downstairs in her PJ’s and her eyes looking heavy. All the lights downstairs were on and Beth and David were trying to sleep, but I didn’t care. James had come back to the केबिन drunk again with...
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posted by Insane4ever
Before i start this story....sorry if i misspell things......

A guy is laying dead in a desert.....or is he just unconcious....he is moveing.....he cant be dead,this story will be following that guy.....that misterious guy that is misteriously laying in the middle of the desert....

The guy is slowly opening his eyes.....the sun is distracting him he cant see anything clearly enough yet.....he is thinking that he must have been unconcious for a long time,but how long,he doesnt know.his sight is slowly clearing up,he sees that he is in the middle of a desert.....no objects या trees या bushes around...
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posted by EmzLovesCheryl
Ok, I'm bored, so I think I'll talk about the thing we all प्यार - music.

What is music? संगीत is the most addictive drug you'll ever come across. It's the one thing that will go on living, that anyone can learn to love. There will be a peice of संगीत to suit everyone, आप can always find a song to relate to, no matter how you're feeling. When making music, you're creating a monster, a monster that will make people dance, sing, be happy. It's the most powerful monster of all.

Each good songwriter and composer has the ability to express emotions and feelings through lyrics and notes, and make other...
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Yo mama so fat that when she wore a yellow rope the sun wanted to marry her.LOL
Knock knock Whos their Justin beiber Justin beiber who JUSTIN BEIBER WITH UGLY FEAVER.
Spell i cup then say colors.
I Rock.

posted by EllentheStrange
1.I got stabbed द्वारा a freaking spoon!
2.OMG!A purple sock!
3.I पंच boxes!
4.Oh,shit,shake that grass!
5.Who ate all the मूंगफली, मूंगफली का butter!
6.If I ever get the chance to meet wiL Francis,I'm going to ask to touch his wenis.
7.I bet आप Gerard Way was a player as a baby.
8.I laughed at the orgasm
9.Gerard Way and wiL Francis are the same freaking person!
10.The obsession with death becomes a way life.
11.I have a blood fetish
12.Holy cannibal cupcakes!
13.Edward Cullen is a sparkling gay fairy.
15.The cow goes meow
16.I could live off of mac and cheese!
17.I would totally burn a church.
18.Don't touch my bruise!
19.But M&M's are my friends
20.Mommy!The teddy भालू is staring at me.
. Before पढ़ना any fanfiction, listen to "Whip My Hair" द्वारा Willow Smith. (Trust me, it helps.)
. Read crappy या overdescriptive fanfics in a dramatic voice.
. If it's REALLY crappy, draw a picture of it.
. After reading, try to picture it in your mind.
. If with a group, act it out with friends.
. Everytime a fanfiction mentions food, particularily what they're gonna eat, throw टोस्ट at your screen.
. Imagine the lead character as Ebony Dar'kness Dementia Raven Way (Google it).
. If there's an angsty part, yell "AAAAAANNNNNGGGGSSSSTTTT".
. If it's about your OTP, then say "DAWW!" after every sentance....
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posted by TDAPlayer158
Tonight आप go on a murder spree.

It happens every week.

I'm hoping that आप won't kill me.

आप buy weapons and guns.

आप are certainly hooked.

आप go crazy when your victim runs.

Once the बोन्स are torn.

आप cannot turn back.

I hate to say a war is born.

आप may think it's a-thrilling,

To end so many lives.

But आप should not go a-killing.

आप like it when your victims go jumping,

They give out loud hollers.

But you'll soon come to nothing.

Your stopping people from eating,

This trouble needs to stop.

No और talking, no और beating.

I know this will not cease,

It has been a साल now,

आप have become a beast.

My friend, my friend.
here u go

1. ride around on trolles
2. scream at the चोटी, शीर्ष of ur voice
3. chuck thing over the isle
4. run around like an idiot
5. go around annoying randemers
6. have a game of bogies(with a friend u have to say it louder than ur friend)
7. play with the kids toys
8. if the खरीडिए has those mad moving step that are flat run up and down them
9. runo up and down them on the wronge side
10. keep runing in and out the खरीडिए

if आप have done one या और of these tips आप should have benn सिंहासन out

have fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by shomill
respect- sit down, shut up, and treat the other person like a god/goddess no matter how they really act

love- being nice to someone all the time, even when they obviously can't stand आप and and आप and them both would be much happer if आप weren't together

loyalty- sticking around for no reason, except possibly that you're too insecure to leave

faith- belief in something even in a complete absence of proof

hope- no matter how impossible your wishes seem, you're stupid enough to keep wishing

cynic- a realist, hardened द्वारा a lifetime of emotional bondage

1)cry randomly

2) when the teacher calls on आप say whocares

3)when somone else answeres a qustion say i no ino and if the teacher calls on आप say how should i no

4)scream out nerd when आप walk द्वारा somene

5)call smart ppl nerds

6)read magizenes when आप are supposed to do work

7)read this सूची as your history रिपोर्ट and say this should be an a ppls

8) play your आइपॉड and say this is my fravorite song

9) always say yea when आप get an f in a test

10) say i llove आप to your teaachers

11)the end is always the begining of your project
posted by Diblover111
 This picture is also done द्वारा ak-47
This picture is also done by ak-47
Please note: Everything before the dotted line thing is not done द्वारा me, it is done द्वारा
ak-47. Just a couple differences in our writing: 1 They did theirs in 3rd person, I’m doing mine in 1st, point of view Dib. 2, They mention Dib is in pajamas, in mine Dib is in his normal clothes. Oh, and this story will continue. This is just the first part. Ok, here it is…

Dib stumbled out from the door, coughing and wheezing. He took a few steps आगे before turning his eyes, red rimmed with smoke and exhaustion towards his burning house.
"Dad! Gaz!"
With a burst of adrenaline, he sped back towards...
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posted by MiizLadiDiime
this is what goes through my friend's head 24 7 ugh i could strangle her also what she would probably say if she ever met him

taylor oh taylor (dreaming of our wedding)
1. i follow आप evrywhere im there when आप buy eggs and when आप sleeping
2. im the girl who wrote those suicdal notes wen u कहा u didnt प्यार me
3.i wacth all the film youve been in its 3 isnt it well i wacthed them all over and over
4. i may be years younger but im right for आप even if it is against the law
5. when आप used the toilet i was there with my camera hidding in the cubicals
6. i talk about आप all दिन long and drive...
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im freakin randomly bored,,so.....
ummmm just so....:P

If आप have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, आप have $1.19. आप also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.
The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the लिंकन Memorial.

President Kennedy was the fastest बिना सोचे समझे speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.

Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.

The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents...
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poem 1:the world

the sun shines bright
there's day,and there's night
both are beautiful sights
this is the world

Winter,spring,summer,and fall
is a magical season
so there is no reason
for आप to hate
seasons so great

we are all one
we need the sun
we need the air
we all care
about the world

poem 2:love

there is something above
we cant see it
we cant bee it
but we all know what it is
it is love

प्यार is what we need
to live,to breath
to be what we can be
we all need love

प्यार is power
प्यार is strong.
thats why प्यार songs
are so very strong

Poem 3:run (this one isnt all that good)

in the sun
is where i run
away from here
ill not be near

Something that will kill me
something that can be
so deadly and strong
and can kill me with a song

thats why i run
in the sun
i still remember आप hum.
im sorry i must run.
posted by pandawinx
Hello everyone! :)

I'm here लेखन about the sadness of people getting teased over how they look.

I hear some songs taking the mic of people who aren't perfect pyshically and I hear horrid things about bullying in public schools.

It makes me sad because back when I was a kid, I used to get teased for having a birth mark on my nose which wasn't overly flattering.
People in my class used to call it the "Witches" spot and कहा stupid stuff like "Burn the witch!" and "Nice wart" And some people were scared to go near me because they thought that a birth mark was contagious and that they'll get it....
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Me: well I’m in tournament of the minds which is like a problem solving them which involves अभिनय it out. Anyway my team made it to state and on the bus trip back let’s just say I was hypo. This is my funny story and the दिन I लॉस्ट all my फ्रेंड्स lol.

Okay so we'd just had a good night’s rest after coming back. We didn't win but we had fun, so we boarded the bus and i thought i'd annoy my facilitator (in साल 12) let’s call him Fred. Anyway so i sat अगला to फ्रेड who i had sat अगला to on the way and annoyed the hell out of him lol. Anyway so we took off and ‘Vince’ and 'Howard' (Females...
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