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posted by jeniffer2200
For years now..we never knew who's better! we always see VS between 2 things! but,until now we don't know who's better!

1-MAC vs PC

okay..now guys this is silly! didn't they notice that mac are 'personal computers" too?? my opinion about this situation is that both are awesome! But! since i was a windows user i prefer windows because it's less expensive and it does it's work! i've tried to buy a mac but..it was pretty expensive it's like one million dollars या something! maybe macs are pretty! but..they're too expensive to buy!

2-Nokia vs Samsung

Seriously? i was a nokia user since about 4 years...
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posted by mehere
चोटी, शीर्ष 24 ऐमिनैम song (random order)

who knew

rock bottom

words are weapons



kill you

never 2 far

like toy solidiers

white america

cleanin' out my closet

my name is

till i collapse

when im gone

sing for the moment

the real slim shady

just dont give a fuck

lose yourself

the way i am




not afraid

without me

just lose it

i hope आप like this one better than the first one please leave a टिप्पणी दे if u like od dont like it i want to hear your thoughts :P
posted by pollydbookworm
*4 Boy friends*
> Once upon a time, there was this girl who had four
> boyfriends.
> She loved the 4th boyfriend the most and adored him with
> rich robes and
> treated him to the finest of delicacies. She gave him
> nothing but the best.
> She also loved the 3rd boyfriend very much and was always
> दिखा रहा है him off
> to neighboring kingdoms. However, she feared that one
> दिन he would leave
> her for another.
> She also loved her 2nd boyfriend. He was her confidant and
> was always kind,
> considerate and patient with her. Whenever this girl faced...
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posted by Feathershine
I sat, my foot tapping against the floor. My green gaze was stuck to the clock as it ticked on. "come on! Come on!!" I muttered. I hated waiting, I was so impatient. I was the one who was always stubborn in my family. Sitting back in my chair, I looked around. Some kids were reading, boring. A few kids were twiddling with their pencils, and the rest were starring at the ceiling, the wall, या the clock. I looked at my desk, obviously worn from over the years, there were pencil markings in it. One red: "Hey Andrea, did u know that Alex likes Amanda?!". This was from many years ago. How could...
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posted by holly-cow-noooo
Age of six
He loved her so
And everyday
He'd let her know

"I प्यार आप Grace"
He'd say each day
She'd just laugh
And run away

Till one day
She turned around
And sat with him
On the playground

"I'm sorry Chris
I don't प्यार you
You'll find someone else
Who loves आप too"

Highschool came
They met again
They laughed about
The things back then

They began to date
And fell in love
He got the girl
That he'd dreamed of

But when college came
Everything changed
They were far apart
With lives rearranged

"We'll be fine Grace"
But she had doubt
She turned and said
"It won't work out"

"I'm sorry Chris
I can't प्यार you
You'll find someone else...
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posted by Animeanimal
द्वारा animeanimal

Why do आप mock me,
With आप white pure intentions
That i could never hope to understand?
I lie to the skies,
While आप are born from that very same horizon.
I taint आप so; therefore, i hate the sight of you.
The snow brings only pain, misery, and sorrow
To those who lie to the sky.
You are cold and कड़वा and so am i,
So why would people प्यार you, while turning me away?
This is why i hate the snow.

Just something I randomly wrote down yesterday and had NO idea why XD It just came to me REALLY fast so i jotted it down! Hope आप liked it ^^

प्यार and the dance called life...
द्वारा animeanimal...
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posted by E-Scope90
Speculate to break the one आप hate
Circulate the lie आप confiscate
Assassinate and mutilate
As the hounding media in hysteria
Who’s the अगला for आप to resurrect
JFK exposed the CIA
Truth be told the grassy knoll
As the blackmail story in all your glory
It’s slander
You say it’s not a sword
But with your pen आप torture men
You’d crucify the Lord
And आप don’t have to read it, read it
And आप don’t have to eat it, eat it
To buy it is to feed it, feed it
So why do we keep foolin’ ourselves

Just because आप read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen
Don’t make it factual
Though everybody...
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posted by saphire1031
1) If आप fall, a freind will pick आप up. A best freind will push आप back down.

2) If आप want food, a freind will get आप food. A best freind will make आप get her/him food.

3) If आप get hurt, a freind will run to your aid. A best freind will gabb your arm and say "Suck it up."

4) If आप are late for the bus, a freind will stay behind. A best freind will rush you.

5) If आप are sad, a freind will comfort you. A best freind will make it all ok.

I have a best freind just like this so I decided to put it in words...
posted by brooki
"She couldn't get out of bed. Couldn't find the will to even check her phone, with no new texts या emails. Lately it had felt like breathing was too much of an effort. Everything was too much, too hard, too much for her to handle. How had this happened? It seemed like one दिन she woke up, and it hit her. Life wasn't worth living anymore. School had taken over her life, the drama she chose to ignore was getting out of control. Somehow she'd slipped through the cracks, while making sure she didn't fall off the cliff. Her फ्रेंड्स hadn't even noticed that she wasn't there when they looked into...
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posted by moolah
Brotherly Love
By: moolah

    Growing up with 4 brothers can be hectic. Even though Jesse, my twin brother was born 2 hours before me, he made sure I knew that I was the youngest. My oldest brother, Aaron was protective over me, as well as my 2nd oldest brother Martin was.
    I’m Emberlynn. Just the youngest child of Bernice and Amanda List. Our family lived in the good neighborhood. We always had food, and money. When I was in middle school my फ्रेंड्स would always come over to spy on my twin brother, Jesse. They thought he was cute. We shared...
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posted by vanillaicecream
So let's say you're talking to your फ्रेंड्स and gesturing wildly, and because you're not paying attention, आप manage to honk some part of a passing stranger's anatomy that is traditionally covered द्वारा underpants; spinning around to apologize, आप instead topple down a staircase and faceplant into a wedding cake, whereupon आप realize that your pants are unbuttoned. Would this be
a.) the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to आप या
b.) a Tuesday?

Everyone's awkward from time to time, but until now it's been impossible to determine, numerically, just how awkward आप are.

Well, this...
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posted by invadercalliope


Sweet little bumble bee I know what आप want from me
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da
Sweet little bumble bee और than just a fantasy
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da

My दिल skips a beat
When आप walk in the room
I go boom boom boom
You go zoom zoom zoom
You're my playboy, playtoy
Love and my friend
I wanna be with आप until the end

I give my दिल and my soul to you
To make आप see its true
Im so confused, baby, cant आप see
Please come rescue me

Sweet little bumble bee I know what आप want from me
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da
Dup-i-dup-i-do la da
Sweet little bumble...
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posted by invadercalliope
I'm your host InvaderCalliope!
Well i'm going to sing! *sings*
The Letter reads:Big hello to InvaderCalliope on this दिखाना i allways see a new guest तारा, स्टार so i was wondering how do आप do it?
Well todays guest तारा, स्टार is..............KEEF!
InvaderCalliope:You know your फ्रेंड्स are going to think your pathetic.
InvaderCalliope:You herd me if आप make them know your there whole world there going to use you!
posted by EmzLovesCheryl
Ok, I'm bored, so I think I'll talk about the thing we all प्यार - music.

What is music? संगीत is the most addictive drug you'll ever come across. It's the one thing that will go on living, that anyone can learn to love. There will be a peice of संगीत to suit everyone, आप can always find a song to relate to, no matter how you're feeling. When making music, you're creating a monster, a monster that will make people dance, sing, be happy. It's the most powerful monster of all.

Each good songwriter and composer has the ability to express emotions and feelings through lyrics and notes, and make other...
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posted by invadercalliope
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia स्टाउट, तेज, मोटा
Would not take the garbage out!
She'd scour the pots and scrape the pans,
Candy the yams and spice the hams,
And though her daddy would scream and shout,
She simply would not take the garbage out.
And so it piled up to the ceilings:
Coffee grounds, potato peelings,
Brown bananas, rotten peas,
Chunks of खट्टा cottage cheese.
It filled the can, it covered the floor,
It cracked the window and blocked the door
With सूअर का मांस, बेकन rinds and chicken bones,
Drippy ends of ice cream cones,
Prune pits, आड़ू, पीच pits, नारंगी, ऑरेंज peel,
Gloppy glumps of cold oatmeal,
Pizza crusts and withered...
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posted by invadercalliope
Hello everyone!
It's time to have talk time with Invader Calliope!
Ok so my fave band is trapnest!
My fave singer is gir!
I प्यार चावल balls!
I am a great cook!
I am on the track team!
I प्यार video games!
I प्यार to watch Invader Zim!
I am InvaderCalliope!
I प्यार ddr!
Now with talk time we are going to talk about kitties!
I have one!
There so soft!
I also have a pet ferret!
I प्यार my भगाना, फेर्रेट so much!
Now with talk time we are going to talk about the power puff girls!
I प्यार them so much!
I have a key chain with all three of them!
Now let's end todays talk time with InvaderCalliope!
The End!
posted by AMoRPoP
Everything I need to know, I learned it from Noah's Ark...

ONE: Don't miss the boat.

TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

FOUR: Stay fit. When you're 60 years old, someone might ask आप do something really big.

FIVE: Don't listen to critics, just get on with the job that needs to be done.

SIX: Build your future on high ground.

SEVEN: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

EIGHT: Speed isn't always an advantage. Remember, the snails were on board with the cheetahs.

NINE: When you're stressed, float awhile

TEN: Remember, the Ark was built द्वारा amateurs; the टाइटैनिक द्वारा professionals.

i प्यार cereal yes i do

i प्यार cereal how bout you

coco pufe


cookie crisp

wasting cerial is a risk

i प्यार cerial yes i do i प्यार cerial आप better to

it is breakfast

most important meal

if आप can't have crealeal

do not steal

i प्यार creal yes we do i प्यार ceral आप should to

it is healfy

for your brain

for test math and englesh

even frech and science

i प्यार ccerale yes i do

i प्यार crealy how about you

me and my firend made this up what are some बिना सोचे समझे songs आप made up plz commet
posted by moodystuff449
Thing are going round and round my head, या maybe my head is going round and round in things. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie, I'm dying of boredom in here, या maybe just dying. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

"You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want." — Diana Wynne Jones (Howl's Moving Castle)

"’I think we ought to live happily ever after,’ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal और hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

‘It should be hair-raising,’...
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posted by CourtneyFan17
Choose 10 of your friends:

1. Madison

2. Christian

3. Natalie

4. Jacob

5. Micheal

6. Jessica

7. Mickey

8. Olivia

9. Bethany


1) 4 invites 3 and 8 to रात का खाना at their house. What happens?
Jacob and Olivia will probably makeout the whole time while Natalie leaves early :P

2) 9 tries to get 5 to go to a yoga class. What happens?

Bethany wouldn't ask in the first place.

3) आप need to stay at a friend’s house for the night. Do आप choose 1 या 6?

Madison of course <3!

4) 2 and 7 are making out. 10 walks in...Their reaction?

Kimmie will probably scream and tell everone XD

5) 3 falls in प्यार with 6. 8 is...
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