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posted by LadyL68
♥If you're asking if I need you,♥
♥The answer is forever♥

♥If you're asking if I'll leave you♥
♥ The answer is never♥

♥If you're asking what I value,♥
♥The answer is you♥

♥If you're asking if I प्यार you♥
♥The answer is I do♥


READ THIS!!! I didn't write this poem, I found it earlier today.
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ill give u some tips.......:
1- if u r bored in fanpop,and there is no frnd online: go to anyclub u like या प्यार and start adding some Qs and picks,and then comeback and see ppl that answerd it....it is really fun.
2- if u want to earn और fans......add बिना सोचे समझे ppl.to ur fanlist then they will add u back the u will earn और fans.in no time.
3- if u wanna earn पदक ...u have to add और pixxx in ur fav clubs....u can add articals too,and pix ppl will rate then u have और पदक .
4- another way to earn fans....go to the chat room and then meet new ppl know them u will get और fans.....and frnds too.

when i have और ideas ill give it......now i dont i hope this लेख will be useful have a gr8 दिन everybody and type ur टिप्पणी दे plz....thanks alot for listening...^_^ have a gr8 day.
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Hello fellow बिना सोचे समझे fanpopers,
i am writting this to inform आप that a certain new fanpoper with the यूज़रनाम of ajl has recently claimed she created this spot. She created a सवाल saying that she was the creator of the spot and she created a मंच saying that she was the creator and we should respect her wishes and not post twilight stuff. Now आप will not be able to find these two contributions why आप ask well because when me and BellaCullen96 questioned her about being the spot creator she deleted both. but if आप want proof that she कहा this check out this forum
Now आप may ask...
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posted by BellaCullen96
Paint your windows.
Boil ice cream.
Join Hell's एंन्जल्स द्वारा mail.
Redecorate your garage.
Kidnap Cabbage Patch Kids.
Bury your fathers car. Tell your him the dog did it.
Challenge the neighbor kid to duel.
Climb a sidewalk.
Donate your brother's body to science.
Have your cat bronzed.
Hot wax the bottoms of your brother's dress shoes.
Learn to type...with your toes.
Make a quilt out of used कॉकटेल napkins.
Mow your carpet.
Paint your home...day-glo orange.
Pinstripe your driveway.
Plant a shoe.
Play Houdini with one of your siblings.
Plot the overthrow of your local School Board.
Pour instant...
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