I प्यार बिना सोचे समझे club, don’t get me wrong. It’s great from its सवालों to its users to everything in between. I could be just fine with the club if it wasn’t for my personality that went to make me want to make things better, I would be able to sit back and just enjoy the level it is at now, but sadly I’m not. Actually, no, I’m just bored. Don’t take this too much to heart. I needed to do something to entertain me and this was one of the things to come to mind as something I’ve wanted to say.

Honestly, if आप were to ask me, between the time I used to watch the बिना सोचे समझे Club (rarely ever पोस्टेड cause I never really felt like it), the gap where I ignored it, and the time when I became a rather active member of the club, I’ve noticed that it’s become more….. ‘Boring’ आप could say. I actually don’t remember all the things that went on during the time back yonder, but I remember being amused quite a bit with it. I’m not going to go off to say “Oh! बिना सोचे समझे club is so horrible and boring now! Its shit now!” because that would be a lie. I still do get some entertainment from it, but it seems the entertainment coming from this club is basically all सवालों and वाद-विवाद (and some of which wouldn’t even be able to be called वाद-विवाद really) now. It’s been a while since I’ve actually got a good laugh from this club rather than a mischievous snicker while watching या participating in an argument.

I mean, the सवालों are fun, but after a few months of not doing much and not seeing much on this club besides सवाल after सवाल about yourself and trying to make the most comedic experience out of each, it starts to get boring and a bit stagnant after a while. Then if आप want to turn to the other side we find ourselves finding people complaining about all sorts of things. I don’t say that’s bad, after all the debates are some of the और fun things on this club currently, but if everything is complaints, it starts to draw a bit of a dark, gloomy, and/or negative spirited atmosphere to the area. I’m not saying people should stop sharing what they are feeling या their personal ideas. Sometimes things need to be shared for सलाह and I completely understand that, heck this लेख itself is me complaining.

And another thing I noticed. There are very few people here that actually communicate and talk with each other anymore. आप do get the occasional comment, but most of the टिप्पणियाँ are just ‘Lol/XD/Lmao/etc’ या some form of complaint, both of which wouldn’t really count as a conversation. I really don’t see many people conversing with one and another much making the club seem rather empty despite having tons of people in it.

But I digress. (Heh. So many accidental Axel कोट्स today.) This is just a personal opinion of mine. I really don’t think बिना सोचे समझे is really horrible, heck, it isn’t even bad, I just think it was much better a साल या two ago. That and it hasn’t been very entertaining, that to the point I resorted to लेखन this लेख to relieve me of some of my boredom….. >.> Not like I don’t have anything else to do though that I’m putting off.

Anyways, do what आप like in the comments. Talk about this. Argue about this. Talk about how much आप love/hate cheese. I just wanted to write something and state my opinion on something cause it seems that’s the cool thing now here XD