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It's ok now. It's fake. Here is what I wrote though

Apparently, some users on बिना सोचे समझे found out that the बिना सोचे समझे club is going to be deleted do to some risks of Porn, spam and other content that violates the terms and services. This is sad. This club cannot be deleted. The बिना सोचे समझे club is one of the most लोकप्रिय क्लब्स on Fanpop. We need to form a team या something to get rid of all stuff on here that violates the Term's and services. This club really needs to be saved.

It's also happening on other क्लब्स too, such as the Sonic प्रशंसक Characters club. They are at risk at being deleted too because of porn, spam and violated content. This cannot happen!!!

It might have just have been a warning दिया द्वारा Fanpop. Every club must have got this द्वारा now. Even क्लब्स that don't have porn या spam might have this warning. It might not be true, it might be true. No one knows if they will मिटाइए the क्लब्स या not

I have found out that everything is alright. Dave replied back to me in Papa's account. He कहा that the याओइ club still has the message. I would check that site out if I were you

This is what Dave said

Hi there. Sorry we scared some users earlier. The notice was meant to target certain sexually explicit क्लब्स and not any of the क्लब्स आप mentioned.

We have a handful of क्लब्स that are constantly causing problems for our advertisers via Google. Without गूगल Ad sense money, we cannot run the site. So we need to crack down on a handful of क्लब्स that peddle a lot of offensive, highly sexual material.

Hope that makes sense and sorry for alarming you. If any of your क्लब्स no longer have the notification, they are not in danger of deletion (there's only about 6 that I can think of including yaoi, प्लेबाय and breasts).


This is what the message said.

Due to repeated Terms of Service violations -- including the posting of explicit, pornographic and nude तस्वीरें -- this club is in jeopardy of being closed. To ensure that this doesn't happen, please रिपोर्ट objectionable material and help encourage proper posting etiquette and content standards. Unreported objectionable content will result in permanent club deletion.
The फैन्पॉप Team.
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Snob: To help his case, Josh points out a Steven Hawking quote.. Cause as a atheist आप have to believe every quote Hawking ever कहा ever. Other wise God is real.

Michael: Before we begin. I wanna take a moment of silence.
Snob: Well, okay, nothing wrong there.
Student: (storms out, offended)
Snob: Oh yeah, this movie doesn't take place in reality.

Snob: So professor Robbinson has everyone sign a paper saying "Gods not dead". So God will not be a debate. Whatever dipshit, your the one who brought it up.

Josh: it was कहा that...
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Cool song
बिना सोचे समझे
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WARNING: Rated R. This fanfic has a few cursing and one sexual image. Read it at your own risk!!!

It was just a typical दिन at Acme Looniversity. Buster Bunny and Plucky बत्तख, बतख walked out of the Reverse Psychology class, taught द्वारा their respective mentors Bugs and Daffy, along with Elmer Fudd.

Plucky, for some reason, had his bill twisted to the चोटी, शीर्ष of his green head, since Bugs, Daffy and Elmer taught the class as कहा before. He and Buster were instructed द्वारा their mentors to perform the goddamn classic "Wabbit season, बत्तख, बतख season" arguement and then Buster would say "Wabbit season" and Plucky...
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