I'm a girl pervert!I say guys are crazy cuz they think I touch their butts!I blame it on their hormones even though I touched their butts alot!

1.Be a real pervert

2.You don't have to look like one but just act like one

3.Always when you're walking behind a guy always look at their butt!And say"say veiw" then touch it nice and gently! :)

4.They look back and ask आप say'what?no way especially not your flat ass!!!!"when they turn around find another butt to look at!

5.Look at their muscles when they're wearing कमीज, शर्ट sleeve shirts and they're doing heavy lifting

6.Take pictures as well

7.Always टिप्पणी दे on how hot their body look doing what looks hot!

8.Wait आप run into a guy pervert PERV FIGHT!!!!!

9.Talk about the most perverted thing आप did and said!

10.Anyways,if आप like pickles,bananas,cucumbers and things shaped like that eat them sexy!

11.When a guy says"hey girl why don't आप do that to my hot dog?" आप simple say "I only do this with guys bigger that 5 inches" ^^

12.Always hang on to a guys arm and put your hand in their pocket!

13.If they don't like किस them किस them किस THEM!!!well be touchy!

14.Watch a lot of guy on guy action and stuff like that!

15.Always be a pervert to a certain type never random.LIKE THIS CLUB!!!!!!!!

16.Listening to perverted संगीत and sometimes प्यार songs

17.Have perverted maginzes,books and movies

18.At parties wear revealing clothes but bot too revealing.You दिखा रहा है your stomach not boob showing,leg दिखा रहा है no arm showing,boobs no smotach,or arm दिखा रहा है no legs!

19.Always hang out with cute guys!!

20.Live in places were boys are at and it's hot so they wear short sleeve shirts and, या shorts!

21.Look cute and be innoncent अभिनय but not really *evil laugh*

22.Be confident and crazy

23.Be really pretty

24.Be a little popular

The End if it's bad F**K आप IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE A DICK या कुतिया, मतलबी AND SORRY IF SOMEONE ALREDY MADE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for typos and stuff!!!