1. Walk up to them and ask them for their autographs.
2. Walk up to them, introduce yourself extremely upbeat and friendly-like and end the conversation द्वारा saying "It was nice to meet you. It's so cool to talk to people outside of the asylum." Then walk away.
3. While walking down the street, in a mall या any other such place, laugh out loud for no apparent reason. Be as creative with the way आप laugh as आप wish.
4. Run up to them, excitedly calling them Father, Mother, Aunt या Uncle. If आप dare, hug them.
5. While passing a बिना सोचे समझे stranger, stop and exclaim to them, "You have no idea!" in a mixture of anger and sadness.
6. Follow a stranger around. If they notice, take a बिना सोचे समझे small object like a brick या a bar of चॉकलेट and hold it up to your ear, pretending to be busy conversing on it.
7. Skip. Don't walk.
8. Walk up to them and ask them if they are some celebrity that looks nothing like them. Opposite gender, if आप dare. Examples: Old man - Justin Bieber, middle aged woman - Chuck Norris, young adult man - Batman.
9. Call बिना सोचे समझे numbers while passing strangers.
10. If somebody asks आप for directions, look them right in the eye, try to stare them down, then walk away.
11. Burst into a short fit of dance every once in a while.
12. Ask a stranger a trivial question, like the time of day. When they answer, suddenly make your expression extremely serious and sober and say. "I see. Look... I was never here, got it?" If आप have any small cash on आप you'd be willing to give up like a dollar या a quarter, give it to them.
13. Introduce yourself to strangers. Then say "Just please don't tell Big Brother."
14. पंच yourself in the face randomly. But make sure someone notices it, cause it would be a shame to let it go to waste.
15. If you're under 18, sing "Too sexy for my wife, too sexy for my kids, too sexy for my mother-in-law..."
16. If you're 13 या over, mutter "I don't get it, I don't WANNA go to kindergarden!" But mutter it loudly enough for someone to hear you.
17. Randomly shout out "You people are all crazy!"
18. Introduce yourself to strangers like this: "Hi, I'm {insert your name here}, I'm {insert your age here} years old, I'm married, twice (your age doesn't matter) and my best फ्रेंड्स are some funny people in white coats who call me "clinically insane." Do आप think I'm cute?"
19. Spray the floor/ground with disinfectant.
20. Giggle, suddenly become very sober, repeat.
21. Brush your teeth, shave या both in a public place.
22. Take out a lolipop and start sucking it. When a stranger walks by, offer it to them.
23. If a stranger asks आप something (e.g. directions, the time of day), answer it द्वारा saying "That's what आप think" या "You don't need to know."
24. Tap a stranger on the back as if आप want to ask them something. When they turn around, say "Quark," then walk away.
25. Tap a stranger on the back as if आप want to ask them something. When they turn around, run away giggling.
26. In a public place like a mall, take out a skipping rope and start skipping.
27. Run/walk up to a stranger and exclaim "Look! Behind you!" When they turn around and see nothing, say "Never mind."
28. Walk up to a stranger and preach a parable to them.
29. Have a blank rectangle of paper on hand. Walk up to a stranger and give it to them, saying it's "my card."
30. If a stranger wants to ask आप a question, exclaim "Excuse me, I'm on the phone." Unless आप actually ARE on the phone when they ask you, in which case tell the person on the other line angrily, "Excuse me, stop being so rude! Can't आप see someone's trying to ask me a सवाल over here?!" Then hang up (or pretend to) and tell the stranger "I'm sorry, आप know how insensitive people can be. So, what did आप want to ask me?" They had it coming, anyway.
31. Walk up to a stranger and tell them in a debative tone, "I disagree. I'm a die-hard Sonic the hedgehog fan."
32. Wait for the elevator to come without pressing the button.
33. Wear a business suit, ब्रीफ़केस and sunglasses somewhere regular.
34. When a stranger passes you, stand at attention and salute them.
35. Wear a hand puppet everywhere आप go.
36. दिखाना disgust and spit on the floor. Then, act totally surprised and try to clean it up with a handkerchief.
37. Just stand around, looking confused and lost. If someone comes up to आप and asks if you're लॉस्ट या something, politely answer "No, thank you, I had a big breakfast. But thanks for asking!" Bonus points if आप mention "big breakfast" late in the afternoon.
38. Take out a piece of paper and write "The cake is a lie" on it. Then pass it off to a stranger any way आप can, perhaps with the #29 method.
39. If आप have a पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा in a box that clearly states it's from पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा Hut, Mario's, etc, या just the empty box, walk around with it declaring "Home-made पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा for sale!"