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I need character ideas! :D

I'm लेखन a story about the social boundaries in society, and I need some good, complicated character ideas. If you're willing, please share with me any! It can even be a character based off of आप c:
I basically need them super complicated, so it's somewhat realistic. Age, fears, hobbies, style, personality, etc. I would greatly appreciate it ^-^ Also, any conflicts going on in their life, या a backstory even.
I know I asked for complicated characters, but also try hard to provide me which group आप feel as though your character would belong in: the Insiders, या the outsiders.

आप can इनबॉक्स me it, या टिप्पणी दे it below. Either works fine, फ्रेंड्स c: thank आप :D
sorry, I can't give u any good character ideas for now............but best of luck for your story
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