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How big is your family?

I don't mean your immediate family. I mean your extended family. I mean aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, parent's cousins, सेकंड cousins, how big is it? I have 19 first and सेकंड cousins, 3 great-aunts, one great-uncle, my grandparents, and 14 people who I call aunt या uncle, although most of these people are my mom's cousins. This is all on my mom's side. Needless to say, I have trouble with names and am only close to a few of my cousins. I have no clue about my dad's side, but I know I have relatives all over the place on that side of the family too. What about you?
 misse1000 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Smib said:
my family is big too :D
i have 12 first cousins, 5 aunts ,5 uncles.. i dont know my सेकंड cousins cuz we are not close each other...
when we decide to go somewhere together we use a minibus ( cuz my father is a driver) and its super fun to have a such a great family!!! :D
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Icepaw_Kenobi said:
I have no clue. I know my mom, my dad, my aunt, three first cousins, two सेकंड cousins, two uncles, four grandparents, and one grand-uncle. There's a bunch of my family who live way far away up in the northeastern US, but I don't know who they are या how many of them there are... all their names are Mary, Carol, या Susan, it seems like.
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Damon-Bamon12 said:
I have one sister, one brother, one father, one mother, 50 cousins, 20 uncles, 20 aunts, 2 great-aunts, 2 great-uncles, 3 great-aunts, 2 grandfathers/pas,2 grandmothers/mas,4 parents cousins, and one dog. That's both my parents side. :D Oh and 2 सेकंड cousins. Done... I think. :]
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IntrepidKeris said:
These are all that are living.

On my mom's side:
2 half-aunts
2 half-cousins

On my dad's side:
2 aunts and uncles
7 cousins(5 boys, 2 girls)
4 सेकंड cousins(2 girls, 2 boys)
Grandpa and grandma
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Madisonbo said:
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BennieBear27 said:
Extended family? Here, have a recipe!
- About 100 (2nd) cousins on my moms side. But if we don't count them then...
-1 cousin
-5 uncles (my moms 2 brothers, my dads 2 brothers and my dads youngest brothers boyfriend)
-3 grandmas,
-3 grandpas
-2 step-cousins,
-1 mom
-1 dad
-1 sister
-1 brother
-3 adorable cats. Did I mention they are adorable?
-me. duh.
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boytoy_84 said:
I have my mother who's 63, my father at 65, I have 2 maternal uncles, 3 paternal aunts 2 paternal uncles. I used to have 3 maternal great uncles and used to have 1 maternal great aunt who died in March 2006. I have about 5 cousins from one paternal aunt who lives in Texas. I have 3 cousins from one paternal aunt from Ohio, 3 cousins from another paternal aunt from Florida, another 3 from one paternal uncle, I used to have 2 cousins from another paternal uncle but the younger cousin who's 9 months younger than me, died from heroin in August 2006. I have 2 maternal cousins from one maternal uncle. My other maternal uncle never had kids. I have 2 sisters one born in 1976 and the other born in 1982 and one brother who was born in 1978 and I'm the youngest. My eldest sister has 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys. my eldest niece is 19 who is born on my birthday, my eldest nephew is 16 who's turning 17 in Jan, the other nephew is 14, सेकंड eldest niece is 12 and youngest niece is 3. My other sister has 3 boys, oldest is 13, सेकंड oldest is 11 and youngest is 5. I am of Irish, German and Finnish from my mother's side and I'm of Swedish, English, Irish and Mohegan Indian from my father's side. Both Grandmothers are of 100% Irish descent. While my Paternal grandfather is of Swedish, Mohegan and English descent while my Maternal Grandfather is of German and Finnish descent.
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Makeupdiva said:
A lot of my relatives have passed away so I guess I'll just add the ones who are still alive.

I have 1 grandmother, no other grand parent as they have all passed away. I have 4 Uncles, 5 aunts, 10 first cousins, 5 first cousins once removed (the term still confuses me. They are my cousins children if आप are wondering.), 4 या 5 distant cousins, 1 great aunt, 3 great uncles. There could be more, I have no idea, my parents especially my dad talks about his family, like he has और but it's confusing. My grandmother even had a family reunion a couple of years पूर्व and there were relatives there who I've never met, I had no idea who any of them were, except who my dad grew up with. I do know is that a lot of my distant relatives came from Ireland, so I really don't know.
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