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ok, i've made a club, CasCay's World and i dont know how to change the चोटी, शीर्ष picture, आप know the one that has the f on it? plz answer, and शामिल होइए it!!! thx for the help!! :)

 CasCay posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Snugglebum said:
under the "search" bar in the club, where it would usually say "report" and "invite friend," it will have an "edit club" option for your access only since आप created the club, आप click on it and संपादन करे the info the spot has alrerady provided. on some browsers, the area where आप संपादन करे the तस्वीरें will be right there at the bottom of the page, on others, आप will have to go to the अगला page to access this, but nonetheless, click on the "browse" button अगला to the smaller banner and आइकन तस्वीरें and choose the तस्वीरें आप wish to submit. please note though that आप must have the तस्वीरें saved to your computer and it would be wise to have multiple तस्वीरें in mind. sometimes फैन्पॉप will reject an image if its too big/too small/or incompatible, and आप may want backup तस्वीरें anyway because what looks good as is may not look good in your banner या icon. good luck!
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