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Who likes my story so far?

It was autumn in Wisconsin, बादल could sense it. A light breeze shook his long snow white fur. He stopped his exploration to look at what he could see with his forest green eyes. He saw the leaves slowly change रंग on the leaves, soon to lightly fall off the tree. He saw the Greggs Yorkie dog yapping at him, trying a pathetic attempt to scare him. Loners were not scared of Yorkies. He squinted and saw Stewie, one of the ally बिल्ली in a big vicious gang in the ally. Stewie apparently saw बादल and hurriedly came up to Cloud.
    Stewie was a small yellow tabby who had a white muzzle and one white foot. He had brown stripes down his legs, back, head, and tail. He was quite tough, but nicer than most of the Kalaka.#
    “Hey, Stewie.” बादल said, though he fluffed up. He was a wanderer and though Stewie could be friendly, he could prove hostile.

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आप should really make this an atricle instead of a question...
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