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 Cute girl ऐनीमे वॉलपेपर
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posted by SuzutheNeko14
I sat in Alex's room on his बिस्तर bored stiff. He smiled walking over to me and kissed me tenderly. He looked at me and कहा "What do आप want to do?" I shrugged and got up heading near the window. I stared outside into the forest and smiled. "How about a race?" I asked him.

I saw a sudden interest in his eyes. "A game? Okay, I'm listening" he said. I opened the window as the cold wind blasted into the room. "A race to the lake. If आप win आप can do whatever आप want to me," I कहा taking off my shoes.

He laughed removing his कमीज, शर्ट and कहा "Fine, I'll give आप a head start."

I laughed jumping...
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तालिका, टेबल of Contents:
Why the Hell I Made This:
What is a Battle?
What are the Common Rules?
Planning with Another Person:
Generating the Gut of the Battle
Bonuses to Add Into a Character Designed for Combat
Making the Battle Interesting
The Truth and a Secret Tip

Intro: Are आप interested in doing combat for an RP? या are आप just here because आप are bored? Either way, here is the सेकंड part to the Tips to Roleplaying 101 series where we will address the basics of handling combat and action within RPs, something that may come to be a struggle...
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posted by ghostpanda396
Open rp (starting it tomorrow)
Kenari: आप can’t just leave me. Not for… for him. I don’t know how to survive on my own. You’ve taught me nothing.
Mother: You’ll be just fine on your own. आप have enough खाना to last आप until आप get to the सुरक्षित zone.
Kenari: They will find me and kill me. They’ve grown so much smarter than from the beginning. Mother, they know how to talk to each other without sound. They will track me down and kill me.
Mother: *puts hands on Kenari’s shoulders and shakes her* आप can make it, I promise you. आप have to remember…

Kenari: *Jerks up straight to find herself अगला to a आग almost burnt out and in a sleeping bag covered in beads of sweat from her dream* I-It was just a dream. I’m… I’m OK. They haven’t found me ye- *a twig snaps causing every noise in the forest to silence* W-Who’s there?
[First person comes in]
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Title:Legends Of Zodia

Plot:Long ago,on a planet much like earth,people were once connected with the stars.We worshipped them,gave them offerings,and in turn they protcted us and gave us power.However,as time went on,we slowly drifted away from this belief in the stars,instead our faith in ourselves.Those who still believed in the stars became the minority,and eventually were forced into hiding.They offered the stars their richest offerings,and begged on their hands and knees for them to help the people of Zodia.

The stars responded द्वारा giving the remaining believers all of their strength,so that...
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For Rp go link
In a forest, there is a large meadow splitting it in half. On the right side, the new immigrant वैंपायर live. On the left side, the native वेयरवोल्फ live. Two people are in the middle. One vampire,one werewolf. One woman, one man. "So" कहा the man "You won't पार करना, क्रॉस into our territory if I agree to this?" The woman replied "Yes, but we will be able to mingle in this meadow." The man looks at her with hatred in his eyes and says "Is there anything else I need to know?" The woman looked...
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posted by aNinnyMouse
1) What gender are you? Man

2) What is your age?
Damned, if I know! Damned if I care! I just know I am older than most of me mates.

3) Do आप want a hug?
Hug, eh? आप want to keep yer skin?

4) Do आप have any bad habits?

5) What is your प्रिय food?
If it ain't infested with maggots, I'll gladly eat it!

6) What is your प्रिय आइस क्रीम flavor?
What th' hell be ice cream?!

7) Are आप a virgin?
No, now that'd be hardly makin' any sense now would it?

8) Have आप killed anyone?
Hahaha, now that's a question! Boy, what do आप say? Have I ever killed anyone?

9) Do आप hate anyone?...
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posted by Marrok
February 16th 2012
Dear Journal,

I was told doing this would help with my anger issues and my emotional state. I have no other choice but to do this या I go to jail. I can't stand confined places so I doing this. So Doctor Hawkins when आप read this I want आप to know I hate you.

I wouldn't be in this situation if that damn farmer just let me have one chicken. Just one! He had dozens. Like me taking one would hinder him in any way.
Let me put this simple since I want to get this लेखन stuff over with.

I tried to steal a chicken.
Farmer shot me.
I passed out.
Ended up in an animal reserve.
Turned human....
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posted by Riku114
तालिका, टेबल of Contents:
Making a Character
लेखन with Other Rp-ers
Making a Post
Battle Scenes

Intro: We are all in this club doing one thing. Role playing. Right? After all this is the बिना सोचे समझे Role Playing Club right? In this लेख I will give some tips for getting situated and enjoying a good rp.

Making a Character: Making a character is the very first thing आप do in an rp and one of the most important things that will affect the future of the rp.

First, आप should start with understanding the plot and story line of the rp. If the plot is confusing to you,...
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