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Dear Fans,

Everyone who has joined this club has a 'thing' for quizzes. We are determined to ask what we want, not just extract सवालों या मतदानो from a certain topic, and we most certainly don't ask सवालों of only one level of difficulty. We provide vast सवालों of different topics and levels, so that the club is और exciting and interesting, and आप can sharpen your brain while having some trivia fun. Remember, every प्रशंसक who has created a सवाल has used their imagination, so each and every सवाल या मतदान is special, even if it is a sequel for another सवाल या even if it is badly made या means nothing. So what are आप waiting and hesitating for? Go ahead and ask away! Let loose your thoughts, facts and opinions!

- Karoii-chan
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