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 Happy Birthday, girl!! <3333333
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Here's Charisma/Cordy! I know how much आप प्यार both! :) <333333
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cordelia chase
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This QueenCordelia प्रशंसक कला might contain चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

Two hours later Daphne was baking cookies, while Cas was staring at the screen of Daphne’s laptop.
“How do I turn it on?” he asked careful; Zoey was in the room. She walked towards him and pointed at the start button. “This button” she कहा polite. She was still shaking from Cas’ last move. She’d had no idea he could be that strong.
“Thank you” Cas said. He looked up with कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला eyes. “Is your shoulder still hurting?”
“I’ll live” Zoey कहा soft.
“It was not my intention to cause आप pain. My first priority was protecting Daphne” Cas explained.
Zoey raised her...
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Cas and Daphne were sitting on the couch, when Zoey came in. Cas quickly looked up, but Daphne kept her eyes on the चित्र album, lying on her lap.
“I see आप two are talking again” Zoey कहा and she sounded a little disappointed.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Daphne mumbled. She lifted her head and gave Cas a किस on the cheek.
“I saw Shannen in the bakery today” Zoey said. “She’s my daughter’s babysitter, FYI” she कहा to Cas.
“Okay” Cas said. He always felt uncomfortable in Zoey’s presence.
“You’ll get to see her soon” Daphne smiled. “You’re...
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Zoey walked into a bakery and put down a pile of flyers on the desk.
“Do आप know this man?” a customer read. It was a teenage girl. She looked up. “No, I do not. Is he a convict? या is he missing?”
“He’s not missing” Zoey said. “He lives in my house. And as far as being a convict, let’s say it’s still undecided”
“Who is he?” the girl asked. She picked up a flyer. “Mind if I take one of these?”
Zoey shook her head. “Maybe आप could help”
“Sure, anything आप want” the girl कहा and she and Zoey left the bakery.
“Thanks” Zoey said.
“You haven’t answered...
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One week later.

Cas, Daphne and Zoey were sitting in the रसोई, रसोईघर having breakfast. Cas still hadn’t learn how to use a fork and a चाकू and so again he was eating with his fingers. Zoey sighed irritated and pulled Cas’ plate to her. She grabbed her own fork and चाकू and cut his egg into pieces. She then aggressively shoved his plate back.
“See how it’s done?” she asked disdainful. Cas looked down at his plate.
“Can’t आप try and be nice?” Daphne said. Zoey looked at Daphne. “What? The guy’s a total idiot. It’s annoying”
Daphne rotated her head to Cas and smiled. “How’s...
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Jack walked the steps to his front door and opened it. As he hung his कोट on the कोट rack he shouted: “Darling, I’m home!”
His wife didn’t respond, but there were noises in the kitchen, so he assumed she was cooking रात का खाना for him. That was one of the things that made her so amazing. No matter what time he came घर from work, she would always prepare him a fresh meal. And in return he would flirt with every woman he came across. She really deserved better.
“You know that guy I had to interrogate, the one in the hospital?” he said. “There’s something really off about him....
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Jack was putting on his कोट when his phone buzzed. He took him out of his pocket and smirked when Zoey’s name appeared on the screen.
“Miss Allen, I’m just finishing up here and then I’m going straight home, so that drink you’re dying to have with me, it’s going to have to wait”
“Check her फेसबुक profile” Zoey said.
“What?” Jack asked distracted.
“She पोस्टेड some pictures of her and Emmanuel on her फेसबुक page” Zoey explained. “You can cut her out of it and scan the photo. See what आप come up with”
“Are आप still there?” she asked slowly.
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Daphne was cooking रात का खाना and Cas was putting the table. He was doing it with so much caution it made Daphne giggle. He looked at her and frowned. “What? Am I doing it wrong?” he asked concerned.
“No, honey, but it’s called putting the table. आप don’t have to put so much effort to it”
The door opened and Zoey walked down. She raised her hand. “Wait…Just hear me out” she said. “I’m sorry. I totally overreacted. I didn’t mean to be such a bitch. It’s just that I’m worried. I’m trying to look out for my little sister”
Daphne smirked. “And I प्यार आप so much for...
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“He’s a cop, Zoey!” Daphne exclaimed. “What else do आप need?”
“I’m sorry, D, I wasn’t thinking” Zoey said.
Cas was sitting at the रसोई, रसोईघर तालिका, टेबल watching Daphne and Zoey arguing.
“Perhaps it might be better if I would find another place to stay” he suggested. Zoey rotated her head to him.
“Finally something smart coming out of your mouth” she said. “You know what? Get up, I’ll drive आप myself”
Cas stood up, but Daphne walked to him and pushed him on the chair again.
“You’re not going anywhere” she कहा sharp.
Zoey took a deep breath. “Maybe we should...
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Zoey was walking down the खाना department in the सुपरमार्केट when she collided to someone.
“I’m sorry” the man apologized. He squeezed his eyes. “Zoey? Zoey Allen, is that you?”
Zoey rolled her eyes. “That has got to be the worst pick up line ever” she कहा disdainful.
“You don’t recognize me?” the man asked.
“Of course I recognize you” Zoey कहा contemptuously, while she threw some खाना cans in her cart. “I’d recognize your dumbass face even if it were covered in…well, I’m sure आप can think of something” She pushed her गाड़ी forward, hoping this would be the...
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Daphne put the key into the lock and opened the door of her house. She entered and Cas followed her inside. Zoey had come द्वारा at the hospital with some clothes, on Daphne’s request.
Daphne entered the रसोई, रसोईघर and wasn’t surprised to see her sister sitting there.
“Hi” Zoey said, looking up from her laptop. “I see आप brought Mister I don’t have a name home”
Daphne gave her sister a ‘cut it off’ look. “Zoey’s staying here for a few days” she explained to Cas. “She and Gerard are divorced and Alexia, my adorable niece, is staying with her father for the time being. Zoey...
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Source: Not Mine
“What did आप do that for?” Cas asked breathless.
“I wanted to” Daphne कहा obvious. “And so did you, at least I thought आप did” She looked away. “Guess I was wrong” She got up, but Cas took her hand.
“It’s not you, it’s me” he said.
“You’ve been in a bad relationship?” Daphne guessed.
“No, that’s not the problem” Cas said.
“Believe me, I get it…It was nice to meet you” She walked to the door.
“I’ve never been in a relationship before” Cas confessed uneasy.
Daphne turned around and her eyes were big. “You have got to be kidding me” she said...
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The nurse opened the door and pushed the wheelchair into the room. Daphne was sitting on the बिस्तर and at the तालिका, टेबल there was an officer standing.
“I would like to ask your patient a few questions” he cut to the chase.
“I’m not sure my patient is physically या mentally strong enough to answer any” the doctor said, while entering the room.
“I feel fine” Cas mumbled.
“Well, आप heard him. He’s peachy. Please leave the room” the officer कहा with a wave of his hand.
“I’m not going anywhere” Daphne कहा stubborn.
“That’s okay” the officer कहा with a smug look. He...
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“Sir, can आप hear me?”
Cas slowly opened his eyes and blinked. He lifted his hand to shut the sharp light out. Someone was pointing a really small flash light at his eyes.
“Sir, I need to check your eyes. Could आप hold your hands down, please?”
It was a man and he was wearing a white coat. Cas vaguely remembered these people were called doctors.
“Looks all good” the doctor said. He looked up at Cas. “You are one very lucky man, Mister…?”
Cas shook his head. “I don’t know what my name is. I don’t know anything…about anything” He कहा it as if he was talking about...
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The first 11 chapters tell what happened after Cas' death in 7x01/7x02. The last 11 chapters tell what happened after the season 7 finale.

Hundreds of Leviathans drifted over the complete surface of the lake. Lifeless Cas’ body sunk to the bottom. His bare feet touched the ground and his eyes flashed open. He looked up and saw sun rays sparkling on the surface. He jumped up and started swimming.
Two women were jogging in the woods, one of them wearing a field-glass around her neck.
“Can we have a break, already?” the brunette said, leaning against a tree.
“Oh, come on, we’ve only been...
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Hilarious video i just came across! Hopefully this one again will make u even और excited about watching One पेड़ Hill:) This shows that funny side of the दिखाना <3 but also mixed with serious moments ;) enjoy! <3
पहाड़ी, हिल
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I thought u might like it:) i enjoyed it so much x) Cool Cordy video, which i think describes her very well: funny to death, brave, intelligent & beautiful:)
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cordelia chase
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buffy summers
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buffy summers