Cas opened the door of The गढ़, महल Café and entered the seemingly empty establishment. “Hello?” he called, but no one responded.
Maybe he was too late. But Andy had called him only five मिनटों ago. Surely they would दिखाना और patience than that.
“They’re not coming”
Cas turned around and saw Meg standing at a तालिका, टेबल in the left corner.
“You must be mistaken. Daphne’s cousin has summoned me here” he said. Meg shook her head. “No, Emmanuel, they played a prank on you” she said, while she slowly walked his way.
“Why would they do that?” Cas asked, sounding hurt.
“Maybe it’s their way to welcome आप to the family” Meg suggested. “Or maybe they’re trying to chase आप away. If it’s the latter, is it working?”
“No, I will not abandon the woman who saved my life” Cas कहा determined. Meg was now standing really close to him. “I don’t care how many pranks Andy is planning on playing on me. I will tell him I don’t appreciate this”
“Yeah, sweetie, but hear this” she कहा as she caressed his cheek with her index. “You can either moan about it…or we can have our own private party…right…here”
Cas had absolutely no idea what Meg was talking about, so when she got down on her knees he stepped back.
“What are आप doing?” he asked upset.
“I’m going to let आप enjoy your last night as a free man” Meg कहा secretive. She got on her feet and forced Cas to walk backwards until he was standing with his back against the bar.
“And exactly how are आप going to do that?” Cas asked, now completely terrified.
Meg didn’t answer. Instead she bent on her knees again and unzipped Cas’ pants with her teeth.
“I seriously doubt that’s a good-” Cas’ eyes widened and he gasped. He looked down at Meg. She was doing something amazing with his cock. He had never had this kind of excitement before. His breath went faster and he gripped the edge of the bar. “Oh God…” he mumbled.
Meg paused and took Cas’ penis out of her mouth. She looked up. “Really, God has little to do with it”
“Why are आप stopping?” Cas asked disappointed. “Please, go on”
Meg raised her eyebrows. “Someone’s being needy” she teased before taking him again. Cas’s breath went faster again and his body shuddered.
“I think something’s about to happen” Cas groaned. But Meg ignored his warning and so he let loose in her mouth. She got up and spit his seed in the sink.
“I’m sorry” Cas said.
“Now, how was it?” Meg asked.
“You have to ask that?” Cas fired back. He looked down at his wet cock. “Now I know what that thing is for”
Meg couldn’t help but laugh.
“Oh, well, glad आप learned something new today”