Jack was putting on his कोट when his phone buzzed. He took him out of his pocket and smirked when Zoey’s name appeared on the screen.
“Miss Allen, I’m just finishing up here and then I’m going straight home, so that drink you’re dying to have with me, it’s going to have to wait”
“Check her फेसबुक profile” Zoey said.
“What?” Jack asked distracted.
“She पोस्टेड some pictures of her and Emmanuel on her फेसबुक page” Zoey explained. “You can cut her out of it and scan the photo. See what आप come up with”
“Are आप still there?” she asked slowly.
“Yeah, eh, let me call my wife” Jack said. “I’ll call आप back in a sec”
“Sure” Zoey said. She knew about his wife. It was one of the many reasons why Jack and her didn’t work out.
While she was waiting for Jack to call her back, she peeked at Daphne and Cas. Daphne had prepared स्पघेटी, स्पेगेटी and was eating it with a fork and a spoon, but Cas totally ignored these means and ate with his fingers.
Her phone rang and she jumped up.
“Hello?” she said.
“You are not going to believe this” Jack said.
“Why? What did आप find?” she asked agitated and curious.
“Nothing!” Jack exclaimed. “There is nothing I can find about him. No birth registration, no background, no name. It’s like this guy doesn’t exist”
“That doesn’t sound good” Zoey said. “Now what?”
“Here’s what I can do. I can send this picture to as many people as possible. Maybe one of them recognizes him and can tell us more” he offered.
“Yeah, I’ll do the same” Zoey said. “And Jack? Thank you”
“Don’t mention it” Jack said, before hanging up.