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Today .
The दिन आप went away .
I wanted आप to stay
But आप already choose your way .

Yesterday , everything was okay
I didn't think we ended up this way
My tears suddenly starts fall
When आप say आप want to end "it" once and for all .

I thought we could be together
Together and forever
I'm afraid it will only be just in my dream
A dream I don't want to end .

Even if it hurts me
I can say I am happy
Happy that I met a person like आप
Who somehow made me feel like I'm special too .

But now , it seems like your दिल beats for someone .
Someone who is not me .
Someone that makes आप happy
Happy in every way .

Now, I wanted to say THANK YOU
Thank आप for everything आप do
I want to end this द्वारा saying I MISS YOU
And I प्यार आप TOO
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A song for क्वीन Heenim.
posted by queen_heenim
Miss Kita . Alam Mo Ba ?

Hindi ko alam
Kung bakit ko ito nararamdaman .
Nakikita lang kita sa kalayuan
Pero ikaw lage ang nasa isipan .

Naririnig mo kaya ako ?
Naririnig mo kaya pintig ng puso ko ?
Isinisigaw lage ang pangalan mo .
Di mo pa rin ba tanto ?

Nakakainis .
Ako lage ang nakakamiss .
Para na akong gago .
Lageng naghihintay sa iyo .

Ganito na lang ba lage ?
Ganito na lang ba ako ?
Umaasang isang araw .
Kakausapin at pansinin mo


Just Sharing .

12:10 - 12:17mn
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Source: I do not own the चित्र . Credits to the owner .
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Source: I do not own the चित्र . Credits to the owner .
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Yah ! Lee Mijin , wake up .. You’re such a sleepy head “ the person shake your shoulders while trying to wake आप up .
You take a look on who’s the person is in your room this early morning . His voice is really familiar to आप . It’s like आप hear it like almost every दिन . Now , you’re sure it someone annoying is in your room “ again “. When , आप open your eyes , आप can’t help yourself not to cuss .


“ Yah ! stop shaking me . And , why are आप here this early ?” आप कहा that with an annoyed face and back facing him...
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posted by queen_heenim

The one who always makes me LAUGH .
The one who always makes me SMILE .
The one who makes me feel IMPORTANT when there's no one.
The one who BELIEVES in me when no others can .
The one who's always there to SUPPORT me .
The one who UNDERSTAND my short comings .
The one that made me feel SAFE all the time .
The one who made me feel SPECIAL even if I’m not .

And that PERSON is



THANK आप AND I प्यार आप .

A/N :


That moment when आप fall in प्यार with an ऐनीमे character . लोल
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Source: I do not own the चित्र . Full credits to the owner .
posted by queen_heenim

You are my SUN
I wish to be your MOON
TOGETHER, we hold on
Our HEART's lingers on .

The STARS are shining so bright
You LIGHT up my darkest night
That gives my दिल a SPARK
To my days so DARK

It feels like I own the GALAXY
Whenever you're here with me .
It may sound CRAZY
To think of आप this way .

I may not owned the UNIVERSE
But your presence makes my दिल go burst .
Just staring at आप everyday
That completes my दिन .

It’s funny to know
How my प्यार grows
For this is just only IMAGINATION
That’s way too far from PERFECTION

Now , I don’t know what to do
The FEELINGS I have for आप
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posted by queen_heenim

Love .

They say .
A great feeling that a person would ever feel to someone या to somebody

But ....

" What if , it will be the other way around ?
What if , things don't go your way ?
Do आप still want to fall in प्यार ?
Do आप still have courage to प्यार someone even if it hurts आप ?"

I asked .

A/N :

हे guys ~ I'm back . TGIF !!! Today is Friday . I'm sure everyone is excited to go out and hang out with फ्रेंड्स . Weekend is coming ! Enjoy then . Have fun !
posted by queen_heenim

You came without a sound
I never heard of आप for long
But here I am
Wishing , I’m in front of आप .

I always wanna talk to you
Coz , I always misses आप
Is this really true ?
I think I’m in प्यार with आप .

I don’t know what spell you’ve दिया me
That suddenly made me feel like this
I’m so into you
Even if things seems so untrue .

How could everything be so fast ?
I hope this wouldn’t last
Coz, everyday you’ll wait for me
That I can always say “ I’m sorry “ .

I don’t want to promise आप anything
For it can be broken
I just want to प्यार आप today
Tomorrow , until forever ....
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posted by queen_heenim

Every time I see you
I just can't help myself smiling at you
You're like a rainbow
That gives my दिल a color too .

My दिल telling me " I प्यार आप "
But why can't I tell आप ?!
Like , I'm afraid to say it
Coz , I thought आप might not like it .

Should , I cry ?
Should , I be lonely ?
Should , I stop myself falling for आप ?
Tell me !

Tell me , if this is the right thing to do
For me to continue
Coz , I just can't stop my feelings for आप .
What should I do ?

A/N :

Hey guys ~ I'm baccccck !!!! *like , who cares , right ?* लोल
I MISS आप ALL SO SO MUCH . Can , I give everyone a HUG? hehe...
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I do not own the video . Credits to the owner .
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