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कुत्ता are man's best friend so when they die
It's a sad sight and those heartless creeps who dont like पिल्लें think that money's way better well just take your money and leave me the Hell alone cause पिल्लें is what I care about so to see them on the Tv with one eye three legs is really a pity give to कुत्ता and they'll give back to आप so dog haters Screw you! It's heartless and creul to cut a dog's ears(and tail) off if आप dont care about कुत्ता dont buy one give the one आप have to the shelter so they can repair the damage you've done. Dog fights are a one on one fight So dont do this to them it could end their life. If आप dog fight आप might as well end it's life that's what आप doin now just night द्वारा night. So do the right thing and stop या someone's ganna catch आप and call The cops!

People are cruel to कुत्ता cause "they have no feelings" Yea they do thaths why the jump when आप cut their ears!
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