Chapter 1: New Alliances

*Mitakihara Town, 2014 C.E.*

Nick Wolfe: *In Full-Wolf form, chasing a large Familiar*

Tank Familiar: *Fires at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Dodges, summons his नारंगी, ऑरेंज Blade, and slices the Tank Familiar in half*


Mami Tomoe: *Finishes off two Tank Familiars*

Tank Familiars: *Destroyed*

Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname: *Chasing after the Tank Witch*

Tank Witch: *Rampaging through the city*

Kyoko Sakura: *Binds the Tank Witch with her elongating spear* Gotcha!

Nick Wolfe: *Jumps on the Tank Witch, summons his नारंगी, ऑरेंज Hooks and tears the Tank Witch's treads off*

Tank Witch: *Falls into a small building*

Madoka Kaname: Wolfe did it!

Nick Wolfe: *Goes to the Tank Witch, alongside Kyoko Sakura*

Kyoko Sakura: *Looks at the Tank Witch* Any last words?

Tank Witch: This is not your planet to rule...the Kaiser shall rise again!

Nick Wolfe: Not today *Fires his Ion Cannon-Blaster at the Tank Witch, destroying it*

Sayaka Miki: What is the Kaiser?

Nick Wolfe: I do not know. But it seems like a threat to this towns well-being.

Kyoko Sakura: Well as long as we can stop whatever it is, I'm fine.

Mami Tomoe: *Nods* Well, this witch is gone.

Madoka Kaname: But this worries me.

*The अगला day, The School*

Nick Wolfe: *Half-Wolf form, reading*

Mami Tomoe: *Sits अगला to Nick Wolfe* Hello.

Nick Wolfe: Hello Mami.

Mami Tomoe: Nick, could आप give me some advice?

Nick Wolfe: Sure. What is it?

Mami Tomoe: Well...there's this boy that I really like...and I want to ask him t be my boyfriend. What should I do?

Nick Wolfe: Well...

*Suddenly, Homura Akemi walks up to Nick Wolfe and Mami Tomoe*

Nick Wolfe: Hello Homura.

Homura Akemi: Don't Hello me. We need to talk. In private.

Nick Wolfe: Okay...


Homura Akemi: I want आप to stay away from Madoka. If आप don't, I shall resort to violence.

Nick Wolfe: Madoka joined my team to stop witches. Unless आप choose to शामिल होइए the team, I shall not let आप hurt my फ्रेंड्स and comrades.

Homura Akemi: *Changes to her Magical Girl form*

Nick Wolfe: So be it...*Changes to his Full-Wolf form*

Homura Akemi: *Fires arrows at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Dodges and fires his Ion Cannon-Blaster at Homrua*

Homura Akemi: *Dodges* आप shall not take Madoka away from me!

Nick Wolfe: I didn't take her! She joined my team द्वारा her choice! *Fires at Homura*

Homura Akemi: *Dodges again* Liar!

Mami Tomoe: *Changes to her Magical Girl form, then binds Homura Akemi with ribbons*

Homura Akemi: GAH! Let me go!

Mami Tomoe: Wolfe, let's get out of her!

Nick Wolfe: *Nods and retreats along with Mami Tomoe*

*Later, the Dark Alleys*

Elise: *A red haired, purple eyed girl* Claire, have आप brought the parts?

Claire: *A light-green haired, green eyed girl* Yes. Our master shall be pleased.

Hiyori: *A blonde haired, brown eyed girl* Claire, will Kaiser be revived?

Claire: Lord Kaiser shall be revived in this world.