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-Episode 5 of Missing You-

???: What is going on in here?
Me: Prodigy!!! Um, nothing!!
Roc: (Pretends as if he was listening to संगीत on my ipod) Prod, what's up man!
Prod: (Closes door) Were yall.......kissing?
Me & Roc: NO!!
Prod: Then why were yall faces close together? And don't yell at me!!
???: (Comes in then closes door) What's goin' on in here??!!!

//My POV
Noisy punk!

Me: (Clenches Teeth) रे Ray, can आप stfu and get tf out?!!
Ray: (Gets in my face) Btch, don't test me! Just a few months ago, i've been kicking ur a$$ and i can still do that! So आप better calm tf down!!
Me: (Slaps him)...
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Gina: But he was bothering me!!!
Apple: No butts! *giggle* Buttssssss! *laughing*
Ashley: Yea! Prince's just in love, NOT torturing you!
Gina: He is torturing me द्वारा being in प्यार with me!
Kim: Come on, girl! Apologize!!!!
Gina: Fine!!! *calling him*
Prince: Hello?
Gina: Look Prince...
Prince: Dont say, I'll leave आप alone. *hanging up*
Kim: Now look at what आप done!!!
So for 3 months Gina and Prince never talked to each other.....until.....
Apple: Let's throw a क्रिस्मस party!!!
Gina: Yea!
Kim: Everybody dress in red, white ,or green..
Gina: या black!!!
Ashley: Yeah!
Kim: MB's gonna perform!
Gina: But......
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 The Boys
The Boys
Hi this is my first लेख i've written on फैन्पॉप so here go's nothin'.

Me and my फ्रेंड्स Nina,shanelle,Mohogony were walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट to a party(twerk) and when we got there we saw some boys.

Me:we should talk 2 them
Nina:yea but afro puff there is mine
Me:fine,but ponytail is mine
Shanelle:pig tails,mine
Mohogany:mohawk mine
Me:c'mon lets go
Boys:hey wats y'all names
Me:Jamiya but everyone calls me जाम या JJ
Boy#1:Im Roc
Nina:My name is Nina
Boy#2:im princeton
Shanelle:im Shanelle,but everyone call me Nelle या Nelle Pooh
Boy#3:im रे Ray
Mohogony:Im Mohohgony या Mo
Boy#4:Prodigys the name
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posted by Princetonlove01
रे रे and Kesha hopped into the car and drive to the hospital.

K-in pain voice. babe i am in pain hurry up! रे R-ok babe let me call Mya. calls Mya . Mya phone rings. M-hello. रे R-hey Mya meet me and kesha at da hospital. M-ok wat happen? रे R-juz meet up at da hospital!. Mya and रे रे hang up. Prince-hey watz goin on? M-my sister in da hospital. Prince-who kesha या kiana? M-kesha lets roll out!. They got into the limo and go to the hospital. रे R and kesha hopped out the limo and rush into the hospital. रे R-HELP HELP!!. Nurse-yes Sir watz the problem? रे R-my girl she im great...
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Mya and Princeton BriannaandRoc Royal r on Der date.

M-so were r we going? B-yea were we going? Roc-well how about da movies? B-dat cool. M-dat cool 2. Prince-well yea. M-hey हे boo watz da matter? Prince-well i miss my little sister Maya. M-aww babe well we can juz ask Ur mom if its OK 4 her 2 come on tour wit us 4 lyke a week या 2 and i didn't our name was the same . Prince-well she got school so how bout dis weekend so u can meet her and my mom OK and yea she do!!. M-idk boo i am gonna be nervous 2 meet her. Prince-well dat da part of be in a relationship u hav 2 meet da parents. M-well...
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Diggy:do आप प्यार me
He goes in
Keke:of course I प्यार you
Diggy:and what's my name
Keke:(really quiet) diggy
He goes in deeper
Diggy:can't hear आप babe
Keke:( a lil louder) diggy
He goes as deep and fast as he can
Keke:oh fuck diggy!!!!!!!!
Diggy:that's my gurl
There was a knock on the door
Keke:uhh yea
Jania:are आप ok sis I heard screaming
Keke:yea nothings wrong
Jania:ok but I'm worried bout आप if I hear anything else I'm coming in
She starts sucking his tip
Diggy:u got me good girl
Keke:I know ma man
They change position and she starts riding
He goes back in and kisses her neck
Keke moans real loud
He kisses...
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I hope आप प्यार this video & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!!
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