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 O baby Prince आप make me feel so sexy lol!!!!! ;) XD =O
I hope आप प्यार this picture & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!
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This is where I need everyone's help!! =( Should I make a 3rd Season? (Noting, if i make a 3rd Season, i'm NOT making a 4th Season)

It's up to आप to decide in the comments!! YES!! या NO!!

If the वोट्स say "Yes" the 3rd season will be about Kendra *ME :D* & Jacob *Referring to Princeton* trying to make their relationship work. After that big dream Kendra had while in school, she tries to avoid Dana and Emma, avoid the unusual प्यार affection towards Ray, try to find her dream फ्रेंड्स Keke & Lana. But mostly tries DEEPLY TO AVOID the प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज that made her life miserable...

If you've...
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-My name is Keke (my nickname) Bradford (fake last name :p) Just a girl who moved to LA, California (yeah right :p) Startin' school today, (ugh, kill me) one mom, one little sis & Zero dad, (i got a best friend who moved here also, same time). Btw some things i wud NOT do in real life are in dis story. For example lik: choking my mom. (hell she'd choke me first wit those big hands) ALRIGHT LET'S GO!-

Me: *Sleeping on bed.* *All of a sudden I feel a slight cold & wet feeling.*
Me: Wth? IT'S 6 IN DA MORNING!!! *Looks around to see Jen, (Lil sis) (Nickname) holding a gray big bucket.

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Prince: Fine....It was my mom

Nina: That's all आप had to say

Prince: *Laughs* Why were आप so concerned?

Nina: *Shrugs* I dunno.....

Prince: Because as I कहा before आप प्यार me

Nina: No I don't

Prince: आप don't have to lie Nina I know I'm beautiful

Nina: *Sucks Teeth* Can we please do our project?

Prince: *Smirks* Sure......

(Nina's POV: I honestly don't know why Prince thinks Ilike him because I DON'T!!!! I'm with Jacob Latimore and he's the sweetest boy ever he makes me feel really सुरक्षित in his grasp but Prince on the other hand has been a jerk to me before he could talk या walk but I'm not gonna...
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Jacob: I guess it's time for me to leave....

Nina: Alright text me dho

Jacob: Will do *Leaves*

Prince: Soooooo..........Nina let's work on this project

Nina: Whatever....Did आप bring your laptop?

Prince: Yeah.....! Soooooo..........what's this project about again?

Nina: *Rolls Eyes* Well....she changed it so now it's about Martin Luther King J.R

Prince: *Smiles* Ohhhh.....alright!

Nina: What's so funny?

Prince: Nothing just the thought of आप thinking rolling your eyes is cute

Nina: I never कहा it was cute

Prince: But आप did it like it was

Nina: Just shut your face....

Prince: Nina आप like me don't...
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Prince: What the hell are आप talking about?

Jacob: आप threw your lunch at me and Nina

Prince: No I didn't *Pulls Prod's lunch infront of him*

Prod: Nigga...you better pass it over

Jacob: *Walks up to Prince* Your jealous

Prince: Of what?

Jacob: Me and Nina.......

Prince: Why would I be jealous of आप two?

Nina: Cause आप like me!

Prince: Me like Nina? Are आप crazy?

Ray: But prince आप do GCO

Prince: *Hits Ray* Shut up Ray

Nina: Let's finish our lunch Jacob!

Jacob: Alright!

Prince: Wait....!

Nina: Yes Prince?

Prince: When we gonna work on our project?

Nina: Call me duh!

Prince: TF? I don't got your number

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 Jenet Perez
Jenet Perez
** p.s this is the end of all because of ...
but ima start a new series ***

lola put the gun up to lil tonys head .
" watch me light up your son the way u lit up my
Heart !!!!" She shouted
As she was about to pull the trigger diggy
Stopped her .
He tapped her shoulder .
Diggy and Lola went into the corner discussing
The अगला part of the torture .
Lola smiled then turned to Jacob and jenet .
" isabetha no !!!!! " shouter रे
Boom!!!! Boom !!!!
रे layed on the floor with blood flowing out of his...
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posted by Missprinceton1
Princeton POV
I ran over to Lola I saw her cry in the सोफ़ा, सोफे so i went over to her and sat down Princeton- lola what's wrong? Lola- u no what's wrong Prince- i dont Lola; uve been FU**ing with Linda haven't u Prince; no what makes u say that?
Lola; stop lying to me i told आप i had a rough child हुड, डाकू when my father left me and my mom
Prince- baby i dont no what ur talking about
Lola; ur lying to me please tell me the truth
Prince; i am telling the truth why wont आप just belive me i have loved u ever since Bre inroduce me to you
Lola; and i liked u but i thought u was with linda
Prince; im not im...
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Roc ran his hand threw Tt's hair to try and calm
Her down .
" come here baby " कहा roc
He layed Down on Tt and and wrapped his arms
Around her .
Roc kissed her neck .
" ohhhhh roc !!!!" She moaned

Meanwhile .........
" thats it prince I am leaving !!!!" I exclaimed
" stfu !!!! " he कहा
" who do आप think your talking to ???" I asked
" stfu !!! You're going to wake everyone else."
I snatched the blanket off of the बिस्तर and tried to leave the room.
" let go of my arm आप dumb नितंब, गधा 😡😡😡" i
Prince pulled me till I fell on the बिस्तर on चोटी, शीर्ष of
Him .
" so I'm a dumb नितंब, गधा ???"...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
This is about a girl who has 3 sisters that she loves to death. There names are Alana, Toria, and Radri. The main girl of the story is Yahnna. She is a quiet and shy girl who thinks she doesnt deserve anything espiecially what happened last summer with her boyfriend and ever since then she hasnt spoken to a boy या even dated them........ but can one boy change that?? Find out और in Two Different Lifes!

TBC hope yall like what its about!! ADD ME IF IM NOT A प्रशंसक AND ILL ADD आप BACK GIVE ME प्रॉप्स AND PLZZZ टिप्पणी दे AND RATE प्यार YALL AND HOPE YALL ENJOY AND SORRY THERE WONT BE A PART 10 TO MY रे रे प्यार STORIES!!!
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 prince outside waitin' on me
prince outside waitin' on me
On a warm sunny friday afternoon............

I was walkin' घर from school and I bumped into someone and I apologized for bumping into them on accident.

Me:sorry about that I was'nt lookin' where I was going
Boy:it's o.k एंजल face,my name is Princeton
Me:My name is Michelle
Princeton:well i'm sorry for bumpin' into आप to

After we apologized I asked if he wanted to come to the mall tommorow with me and my friennds to pick some stuff up for my party ,he कहा yes and I got his number so I could call him.

Me:so call आप later
Princeton:yea एंजल face*kisses my cheek*
Me:*kisses him back on the cheek*...
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posted by princeton124
 Prince smile big
Prince smile big
One दिन I was walkin' द्वारा a house and i saw a really cute group of boys standing on a porch.

Me:hi guys
Boys:hey cuttie
Prince:ur cute
Prince:u look like a nice girl
Me:thank u , same to u
Prince:aww,I like u already
Me:well,i liked u when i first saw u
Prince:o.k well can i get your numba,please
Me:sure thing

I gave him my numba and then he gave me his then, I left and went घर to get dressed for my party.Then that reminded me I should call Princeton and his फ्रेंड्स to come over.

Me:wanna come to my party
Prince:sure,can the guys come?
Prince:o.k,what time is...
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posted by rocroyalsister
Last time we met it was when I कहा it happened.So me and my
Boo was gone to the park.Baby nysia ,brisa,lisa, so I कहा आप guys go play and do not kill anyone so my boo कहा I llove going to the park I कहा this is rell nice so my sister came to the park she आप have to pay me I कहा do I real have to pay she कहा yes आप have to pay so I gave her 567 dollar so my boo
was kisss me I कहा stop we have people looking at me he कहा I don't care let me kisss आप I कहा ok baby आप can give me one kisss so nysia came to me she कहा can I have so money I कहा get your money she कहा I don't have...
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