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 O baby Prince आप make me feel so sexy lol!!!!! ;) XD =O
I hope आप प्यार this picture & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!
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Ray: good morning.( whispering to. Ny)
Ny: good morning.
Ny: (gets off of रे रे and gets in the bathroom)

Some time later-
Roc: y'all want to go to the beach??
Tt: the beach??
Ny: yeah
Prince: I can दिखाना off my abs.

Prod: damn Moni आप look good in that.
Moni: thanx.....
Tt: roc can I marry u??
Roc: what??!!
T t: I....I कहा can I burry you???😄😄
Roc: sure
Tt:( rubbing on his abs)
Roc: ( rolling over ontop of tt)
Jenet:( making a sand castle) freaks
Tt: everybody heard आप moaning in the bedroom wit prince!!
Prince: that's because I hit that good last night.
Ray ray: ewww!!! Y'all...
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SUP YALL!!!! It's me!! I finally decided to make a sequel for my last articles. (You're The One) So now i'm working on Missing You. It's about Keke basically missing Princeton!!
Problems occur because of the long distance between them. *btw MB is on tour*

Problem 1: Will Keke fall in प्यार with someone else? (will she cheat on Prince?! 0_0)

Problem 2: Will people start to HATE Keke because of the mistakes she's making? (will her life be SO miserable, that she would kill herself? :o)

Problem 3: Will her own फ्रेंड्स and family turn away from her? (will she drop out of school and live on the streets?!!)...
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Princeton kicked Steven in the mouth.
Alana: This is 4 hurting Destine! *scratching his eyeball, with a glass.
Karey: Want some of this??? *beating him with a hammer*
Steven: Step away from me, या Destine will be stabbed bloody.
Princeton: No she wont! *pulling out Bebe gun*
Roxie: I want one!
Princeton: Now.......you hand Destine 2 me, and i wont hurt you....
Steven: Fine! *giving him Destine*
When they started 2 walk, Steven shot Destine at the back of her head with a pistol.
Roxie: Are आप okay?
Destine's eyes started 2 bleed out blood.
Alana: What the hell?
Destine fell 2 the floor, bleeding from her...
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I looked back up to both boys and I broke down into tears, Jacob came up to me put his arms around me and कहा "Leah I just did what I had to do to protect you"
Me" I know it's just that आप and him and now you've and now im gonna and I can't it's just that" I cried even more!
We went back up to his room and sat down on his बिस्तर he wrapped me in his arms and talked me to sleep just like when we first met.


I was awake in Jacob's bedroom watching t.v. then I see Jacob slowly waking up " morning sleepy head"
Jacob "yaaaawwwwnnn morning babygurl"
Me " did आप have a good sleep?"
Jacob " I had a...
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