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 O baby Prince आप make me feel so sexy lol!!!!! ;) XD =O
I hope आप प्यार this picture & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!
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Ray: good morning.( whispering to. Ny)
Ny: good morning.
Ny: (gets off of रे रे and gets in the bathroom)

Some time later-
Roc: y'all want to go to the beach??
Tt: the beach??
Ny: yeah
Prince: I can दिखाना off my abs.

Prod: damn Moni आप look good in that.
Moni: thanx.....
Tt: roc can I marry u??
Roc: what??!!
T t: I....I कहा can I burry you???😄😄
Roc: sure
Tt:( rubbing on his abs)
Roc: ( rolling over ontop of tt)
Jenet:( making a sand castle) freaks
Tt: everybody heard आप moaning in the bedroom wit prince!!
Prince: that's because I hit that good last night.
Ray ray: ewww!!! Y'all...
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SUP YALL!!!! It's me!! I finally decided to make a sequel for my last articles. (You're The One) So now i'm working on Missing You. It's about Keke basically missing Princeton!!
Problems occur because of the long distance between them. *btw MB is on tour*

Problem 1: Will Keke fall in प्यार with someone else? (will she cheat on Prince?! 0_0)

Problem 2: Will people start to HATE Keke because of the mistakes she's making? (will her life be SO miserable, that she would kill herself? :o)

Problem 3: Will her own फ्रेंड्स and family turn away from her? (will she drop out of school and live on the streets?!!)...
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