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 2012 MB look alikes
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these are some boys the that look just like mb
posted by Mrz-Princeton1
In the previuos chapter the Prodigy help medicine Jazzy and then they went down stairs

LIVING ROOM......................

//my POV

Me: so jaz.........
Jazzy: feel a lot betta
Me: well ok
Charlie: aye yall did yu forget tht we hav to raise tht money for the house in 6 daiis
Sis: o ya brb
Me: did the order of the stuff get here
Tyti: the truck is out front Roc RayRay Prod Princeton get up and help me get this stuff into the arts and craft room
Them: ok
They went out and started to bring the things to the art room
Me: jazzy lets go start unpacking these things
Jazzy: kk
We went to the arts and craft room...
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posted by Princetonlove01
jawan and Latrice

Latrice:so where are we going ??
Jawan: it’s a surprise
Ten मिनटों later they arrive at their destination
Latrice: awwww I प्यार eating here thank आप Kisses his cheek
Jawan: your welcome baby

They go in order their खाना in the middle of eating their खाना jawan interrupts

Jawan: Latrice I have something for आप he pulls out a velvet turquoise box with a silver bow
Jawan: open it
she opens the box to reveal link Jawan: Latrice आप are my whole life I प्यार आप like no other and would आप accept my Promise ring ???
Latrice: Baby I प्यार it Yess I will !!!!!
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posted by mb_rules
-Everybody ATTENTION!! I haven't been doing my लेखाए because I have school *i hate to say it* to go to EVERY weekday morning! So please don't get mad at me if i take a 1 week pause of typing my articles!! Also we have a new character in da story, geekygirl1999 playing as ”Cat”! Cat is a geek but will go madea in a मिनट on you, *LOL* and also she's going out with Roc Royal!! ALRIGHT LET'S GO-

Doctor: आप are NOT parents. *THANK GOD!!!*
Me: (I Stand up and start dancing around) BOO YAH!!!!
Prince: (Staring at the doctor) We're not?
Me: HE JUST कहा WE'RE NOT!!!! Tf was yo mind when he said...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Everyone hugged up and stuff. Mimi कहा tomorrow the last day. :(. Today is only thursday. Janae came in the room and कहा guys good news, my parents aint coming घर till अगला friday. Yall could stay till nex thursday which is like seven days woohoo party all the time lol. Janae and mimi go fix their hair and get dressed. रे and prod girl left to go shopping. And everyone left except ray, prod, prince and mimi. रे and prod playin the game while mimi and prince on the सोफ़ा, सोफे giggling and whispering forgetting prod and रे was there. Mimi clibs ontop prince and they start चुंबन and touching....
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Source: @QStarrDaze... Quirnechia
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हे guy sorry I hve been put story own here been so tied up. With school and other actives .

Intro I Am stacey 16 years old girl that live with my family.which consist of momma,daddy,and 2younger sister. I am the oldest of three .i have a4.0 grade averages. I am kind a nerd but still like to hve fun .

Momma " Stacey come on dwn here so आप eat your breakfast ."
Me"okay mom I 'll be dwn in 5."so I gt up yarn and speech so I check my phone and I had 4 text msg 3 from my friend and 1 from my cuzzo. So I didn't care about my BFF text.after that I look at my cuzzo text(hey and good morning lil cuz...
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दिल breaking news for loyal Mindless Behavior प्रशंसकों everywhere. Kontrol Magazine has been exclusively told that group member Prodigy is no longer with the group. Yes. आप read it right. Lead singer Prodigy has left the building.

The group (who have been together since 2008) have enjoyed huge successes with hit singles such as(“My Girl” and “Mrs. Right). They have been a little quiet of late, but I certainly didn’t see this one coming.

Now i cannot give too much away, but the streets also tells us that “Like Em All” crooner Jacob Latimore will be Prodigy’s replacement. Latimore...
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added by anna132
I hope आप प्यार this video & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!!!
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dj damage dance battle
jun 7 2013
Roc: I'm sorry bro....but I प्यार her!
Princeton: NO! She loves me, not u!!! Destine! Tell this fool!!!
Destine: Ummm.....I प्यार U....
Princeton: See? What I tell u!
Destine: But I starting 2 like Roc....
Princeton: WHAT!!!!
Kendria: Wow...
Alana: Akward....
Princeton:*punched Roc in the face*. Stay away from Destine!
Destine: JACOB!
Roc: Oh...so its like that? *punched Princeton in the stomach*
Destine: STOP!!!
Alana: *getting out camera*
Roc ran outside with Princeton behind him. The rest of the crew ran outside.
Princeton: *tackled Roc.* How could आप steal my girl?
Roc: *slapping Princeton* Don't आप mean...
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They took me to jail and made me answer lots of सवालों but I couldn't think, all I could think about was princeton lying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood
That same image kept going through my head, of him just there struggling to breath but still trying to tell me something
Detective: So why did आप do it?
Me: I haven't done anything, I wouldn't, I couldn't, I found him there
Detective: But how would आप know to find him in their
Me: I didn't I got a call from...
From... Uh um from
Detective: From who leah, who called you?
Me:Aidan,... aidan called me he's the one that tried to kill jacob,*I...
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posted by princess_pink
In the morning I was woken up द्वारा all of the noise outside then I walked out of the hut and saw princeton talking to some reporters then he saw me and ran up to me and shouted "were saved" then he gave me a big hug and कहा "are आप ok आप dont look very pleased" then I smiled and कहा "no im great it's just .........nothing"
Then princeton walked off then I saw my फ्रेंड्स and I ran up to them and they screamed and कहा आप "met princeton from mindless behavior and didnt tell us"
"well I couldnt cos I didnt have my phone did I" I कहा sarcasticly then alisha laughed and कहा "well sorry but this...
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The अगला morning...

We where in the living room playing turth या dare everybody seemed to be picking on Princeton ot was रे rays turn Princeton truth या dare dare all दिन every दिन Princeton कहा ok I dare u to.....ray रे thought for a good 30 seconds. O I dare u to...grind on faith. Princeton looked at Jada. O wow रे रे I cant watch Jada closed her eyes. Princeton shrugged and got up he pulled me up and got me on the दीवार and grinder me for like 20 सेकंड्स he kept going but now he was touching me and leanin his face closer to mine like he was bout to किस me ok stop everybody कहा he kept...
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