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 prince and blanket
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prince jackson
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This प्रिन्स माइकल जैक्सन चित्र contains त्वचा, skintone, नंगा रंग, आंशिक तन, निहित नग्नता, स्कंटोन, नग्न रंग, आंशिक नग्नता, and अव्यक्त नग्नता. There might also be कूबड़ा, हंक, चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

posted by lovepink
I could hear the weakness and vulnerability in Elle's voice, and that shattered my heart. She started to walk out of the room, almost in tears. I ran after, quickely catching up to her.
"Elle!" I कहा grabbing her wrist and pulling her back towawrds me.
"Just leave me alone, Prince." I heard her sniffle a little, but didn't let go. Elle's head was turned in the opposite direction, avoiding my gaze.
"No! Goddamnit, Elle! Can't आप just trust me for two minutes?"
"Trust आप with what?" She replied.
"I will never hurt, blame, not trust, या not प्यार you. No matter what. Fifty years...
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posted by PrInCeMjFaN
Paris Point Of View-

I went outside where Prince was sitting in the front.


"What"I started to walk toward him. I tried to look at him ,but he looked away and whiped his face with his arm.Was he crying?

"Prince, आप really like Ali huh?"

"Yeah, but know I don't"Ugh he doesn't even know what's going on and he's still talking all this stuff.

"It wasn't Ali's fault.Jaffar kissed her she was trying to get her off."


"Do i have to repeat my self? I कहा SHE WAS TR..."

"No I herd you"

"Then why do आप look so confused?"

"Because, I'm trying to figure out why he kissed her in the first place."...
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प्रिन्स माइकल जैक्सन
added by MJ_Fan_4Life007
posted by lovepink
I ran to my room after I hung up. I had to freshen up for Prince.(: I grabbed a sundress, सुन्दरता and put some finishing touches on my hair. I couldn't wait to see him! The doorbell rang. I sprinted down the hall.
"I GOT IT!" I yelled excitedely.
"Alright?" Dad said.
"Hey!" I कहा a little out of breath as I greeted Prince. He got a little dressed up, too, wearing what he knew was my सेकंड प्रिय hoodie and shoes.
"Hi!" He कहा hugging me. "You look great! Heres your phone. आप left it on the bedside table." He responded, handing me my cellphone.
"Thanks! आप wanna come in?" I कहा blushing a bit....
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posted by AJackson1317
the अगला दिन it wasr really hot me and Paris were up first as soon as we got dressed we went down and made our own breakfast then got into our swimsuits and we relaxed on lilos and talked until Jaffar and Prince sneaked into the pool and turned the lilos upside down

"Jaffar Prince" Paris screamed

"what" Jaffar said

"why did आप tip us over"
they soon started to run paris ran after JAffar and i ran after Prince i chased him into the celleri had him trapped it was dark until the i turned the lights soon i walked slowly over to him and looked deeply into his eyes they are something to get लॉस्ट in...
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( scene inside अभिनय class)
Teacher: Now Prince i want आप to pair up with Julie and re create a famous अभिनय pice ok?
Prince: Ok
Julie: Sounds fun
( Prince and Julie re create a Shakespear play)
Teacher: that was Fantastic Good Teamwork guys i like that
Prince: That was really good अभिनय Julie
Julie: Thanks but आप were way better than me
Prince: Yeah right
Julie: no serious आप were awsome ever thought about becoming an actor when आप grow up?
Prince: Nar i want to become a prouducer
Julie: well if आप become one ill be the first to see your movie
Prince: Thanks
Teacher: well that was a great...
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posted by pmjlover1997
it was a sunny दिन and i just had a argument with
my mum because she didn't like my relationship
with Michael.i was drinking some वोडका, वोदका and looking at pictures of me and my mum. i didn't
notice Michael's car driving up the drive way.
''oh no'' i said. i quickly ran and hide the वोडका, वोदका in the cupboard. i got some bubble gum so
Michael wouldn't smell my वोडका, वोदका breath. ''hey
honey i'm home'' he कहा ''hey sweetie'' i said
''how was your day'' he asked,kindly i almost
burst into tears because i didn't want to tell him the bad news. ''i had an unpleasent talk
with my mum today because she dislike's you.''...
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posted by lovepink
As the days went द्वारा and we were closer to Friday, I became और and और nervous about the prank. I really didn't want to do this. I needed to talk to Paris about changing the plans. I pulled her aside when everyone was asleep one night to tell her.
"Listen, Paris. I really don't want to fake the seizure. I mean what if Prince gets scared and calls 911? It's too risky and I don't want him to be pissed at me."
"Yeah, I was getting worried too. But we should still pull a prank on them just something more... classic." She said.
"Yes! We should TP their rooms and draw on their faces!" I कहा feeling...
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