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 Randy Jackson's daughter Stevanna Jackson looks so much like her Aunty Janet Jackson
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june 1, even thought i am only 4 i am staying true to my word. i truelly want to follow in my fathers footsteps. daddy started training me to sing and dance like him.

i was watching some of daddys संगीत वीडियो when we got to the आप are not alone video i कहा daddy i want my hair to look like yours in that video. i have dark brown hair that goes down to my sholders. he कहा do आप want to dye it black like mine. i कहा ya but, i dont want the bangs. my mouth droped because of what daddy said. he कहा come on if thats what आप want lets do it. i कहा really daddy. he कहा yup, he went to the...
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