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 Paris & Kathy Hilton
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kathy hilton
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संगीत maestro AR Rahman is all geared up for his world tour ‘AR Rahman Jai Ho concert’. It kicks off on June 11 in New York at the famous Nassau Coliseum arena.

When Rahman was amidst rehearsals at Washington DC, he received some very special visitors - they were Michael Jackson’s elder brother Jermaine and his son, Prince Michael Jackson.

A स्रोत reveals, “Rahman was practicing for his upcoming संगीत कार्यक्रम at Patriot Centre and द्वारा a coincidence, Jermaine and Prince were rehearsing in an adjoining hall at the same venue. As soon as they learnt about Rahman’s presence, they decided to...
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Michael taking a walk with the kids in Las Vegas and गाना "Smile".
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