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RUTHLESS, chapter one!
"Every Killer Deserves a Night Out."

On a Wednesday evening in early March, Emily Fields lay on the carpet in the bedroom she used to share with her sister, Carolyn. Swimming पदक and a big poster of Michael Phelps hung on the walls. Her sister’s बिस्तर was littered with Emily’s warm-up जैकेट tons of oversized T-shirts, and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Carolyn had left for Stanford in August, and Emily relished having a अंतरिक्ष all her own. Especially since she was spending almost all her time in her room these days. Emily rolled over and stared at her laptop. A Facebook...
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I don't know about you, but I was shocked when these things happened!

1. When Mona hits Hanna with the SUV
2. When A returns after Mona dies
3. When Ian's body disapears
4. Ali sets the Poconos house on fire
5. Emily reveals she had a baby with Isaac
6. DiLaurentises reveal that Ali had a twin sister (Courtney)
7. Ezra gets arrested
8. The girls never knew Ali, only Courtney
9. Mr. Roland चुंबन Emily
10. Hanna being sent to the Preserve
11. Olivia scamming Spencer
12. Spencer having a surrogate mother
13. Patrick being a fake
14. Klaudia trying to steal Noel from Aria
15. Emily and Maya kissing
16. The pictures of Emily and Maya चुंबन passed around school
17. Toby commits suicide
18. Jenna is murdered
19. Alison kidnaps Melissa
20. The A notes continuing after Ali's death
21. Ali kisses Emily
22. Emily is sent to Iowa
23. Hanna receives fake fashion दिखाना tickets

What shocked YOU?
If आप were living in Rosewood what role would आप play in a PLL TV series? This Pretty Little Liars क्विज़ will give आप the answer!
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pll क्विज़
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