Back on earth, Kyle Katarn believe that Pretty Cure, after he murdered Kurumi are और angry than before. Indeed, it has a new plan to kill Pretty Cure.
The अगला दिन the girls were invited to the funeral of Kurumi, as Kyle predicted, their feeling of hatred towards the boy grew out of proportion all the time and thought "Who did this action, it will pay just the consequences!"
To forget the events of the पूर्व day, the Pretty Cure decided to take a ride together, guess who had this idea? Nozomi, of course! He called the other four and कहा the same phrase to the other four is: "Hey, if आप like to do a tour together? See आप at my house. "

And in an instant all the Pretty Cure (Including Nozomi) parts, but who the spy? Obviously Kyle! Urara said, "Oh, I met the girls at the stadium, I'm sure will be very nice"
Karen: "Are आप sure? " I would not trust so much, and if they were allies of the assassin? "
Rin: "Come on! Let us trust her, and perhaps true that they are friends"
Karen: "Ok! But if the enemy does not come and complain to me"
Kyle said: "The stage! will attack is where I've got to reach the stage before them"