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Chapter 2
For those who have been waiting, stop. Because that the Boom-er I'm doing the अगला chapter. Hope आप enjoy. and if wanna see the अगला chapter. टिप्पणी दे quickly! ^^
I don't own PPG, just the story

Blossom grabbed Brick and pinned him, then Brick had kicked Blossom threw the building. When Blossom fell out of the other side, in Butch's clothes.
"What the heck?!" Blossom yelled, loudly.
Butch poked his head out the whole Blossom made and yelled, "HOW THE HECK DID I GET IN YOUR CLOTHES?!"(Hey, I had a bone to pick with Butch and I'm good now, lol) Then Blossom stuck her tongue out at Butch,...
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blossom:hey guys

brick:oh look its hags
butch:and they smell like poop
boomer:ewww thats nacty
buttercup:shut up
butch:make us
buttercup:u suck butt butt licker
blossom:can we just get along
buttercup:fine but from what i heared when a boy picks on a girl that means the boy likes the girl
bommer:but we dont like none of yall ugly hags
bubbles:can i puntch him या buttercup should
bommer:oh so your going to पंच me i like to आप try
bubbles punches bommer
bommer:owwwwwwwwwwwww!that hurt
buttercup:well आप siad i like to see आप try and she tried and she passed punching...
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Narrator:why what a beiutyfull दिन no a बादल in the sky and three new girls are visiting a new school for awhile let's see what's happening

Mrs.Jean: listen class we have three new students in are class so be on your best behavior
Butch:make us old lady!!!
Mrs.Jean: stop it boys now आप may come in girls introduce yourself ok and tell 2 things about आप okay
Blossom:okay I'm blossom my प्रिय रंग us red and गुलाबी and I प्यार sweets
Bubbles:my turn I like dresses and boys also malls
Buttercup:okay I'm buttercup I'm a tomboy and I प्यार स्केट boreding and fighting...
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Narrator: The city of New Townsville!
Narrator: Oh no! It's Mojo-Jojo! Where are our 18 साल old heroes?
~At school~
Kukai: Yes!
Kiji: Okay!
Maron: Man!
Kukai: Let me आप got an 'F', again?
Maron: Yeah.
Kiji: आप need to start studying.
Maron: Your right.
*their belts start beeping*
Kukai: Come on, guys!
*they run to the roof*
Kukai: *transforms* HARD BRICK!
Kiji: *transforms* ROCKING BOOMER!
Maron: *transforms* PUNCHING BUTCH!
All three: ROWDYRUFF BOYS Z!!!
Kukai: Mojo again.
Kiji: Lets go!
*they fly to where Mojo is*
RRBZ: Stop right there!
Mojo: I don't think आप wanna mess with me right now!
Boomer: Why?
Mojo: Come on out girls.
RRBZ: *gasps*
All three girls: Hello.
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PPG Age: 18 | RRB Age: 19
The PowerPuffs and Rowdyruffs are still battling, the Professor is dead(from a house fire), along with Mrs. Keane, Mojo died in jail from getting very ill, the Mayor had his great grandson, Jimmy Nickles, be the new Mayor, Mrs. Bellum had Princess Morebucks(she's good now, because the PowerPuffs blasted her with some रे gun) to take her place when Princess turned 17.
I don't own the characters, I just own the story.
The hotline went off, beeping loudly as usual. Blossom answered it, after hearing what was going on, she went to her closet...
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~at the park wit the bois~
brick-we know da ppgz to well not to tell em
boomer-he's got a point butch
butch-yea. U guys r rite
brick-ill tell blossom
brik-then it's seattled then
butch-today at a 5
brik-sounds good to me
boomer-okay then
~at the girls home~
bloss-bril n the guys wanna see us at 5
Bc-y? Is it even okay if we go द्वारा then
Bubs-probly daddy is working all दिन today
Bc-mm..k tell em we r coming
*texts brik back*
Bloss-okay we r good
Bc-im gonna go to da स्केट park
Bloss-im gona ne at the कैन्डी store rite अगला to the स्केट park...
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