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narater:it cristmas at town
me:*singing jingul घंटी, बेल rock to town*
christopher:i hate christmes
me:oh cume on whers your hoiday speret
christopher:i had one iv never gotin a present thats why
flor:thats because आप pull the wors pranks on apil 1st santa is watching
flor and kevin:*sing you're a mean one MR GRINCH
buttercup butch:*sing wonderful क्रिस्मस time
christher:humbug>:( i only care to play in the snow!*sings let it snow*
1 घंटा later
goust 1:whoooooooow i am chrismas gost 1 wen आप were a baby आप wher afrade of snow men 2 mor goust will vistet you
goust 2:wowowowwo!!! im am क्रिस्मस goust 2 now आप areint afrade of snow men now but आप hate क्रिस्मस 1 और will tell आप of your futier
goust 3:i am here to tell आप if आप dont be nice in chrismes अगला साल आप will be dead in your 30's
अगला साल of christmes later
christother:i प्यार christmes want to go outside!
 out side
out side
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Alright, so, since i'm a bit fed up with seeing one of my best फ्रेंड्स being bashed for shipping something-

Let me make this clear to आप all;
We are all humans; each unique. No human is completely alike to another- not even a pair of twins. We all have different opinions, facial features, sounds of voice, hair colors- I could go on FOREVER.

So, if आप can respect simple differences others may have in looks, या sounds of voices..

Please tell me, why is it so hard to accept a person's simple opinion?

I don't care what it is.
Whether it's;

- a ship
- what खाना आप like
- what खाना आप dislike
- shows you...
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Ace: *Playing poker with his friends* What should we get with our ten thousand dollars?
Billy: और money!!
Ace: okay, what else should we get with our ten thousand dollars?
Snake: Grenade launchers on assault rifles!
Ace: And get in trouble for murder? आप realize how long we'd be in prison for?
Lil Arturo: Our whole life.
Grubber: *Spits*
Ace: Alright gang. Let's go get some Doritos!
Blossom: *Walks in with Bubbles, and Buttercup* Not so fast!
Ace: Ah! Make a run for it!! *Grabs the money, and runs away with his friends*
Blossom: After them! *Takes off with her sisters*
Snake: *Looks back, and sees...
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Narrator: Later at home.
Blossom: *Gets into bed* I really need to get Roger's number. Until then, I'll be relaxing in bed. *Gets under the covers, then begins to blush*
Professor Utonium: *Opens the door* Blossom?
Blossom: *Surprised*
Professor Utonium: Whatever it is you're doing under those blankets, I think you're too young for that. Now come downstairs. I need to talk to you.
Blossom: *Nervous* Uh...okay.

They both sat down, and the Professor began to speak.

Professor Utonium: Your sisters say that आप fell in प्यार with a boy. Is this true?
Blossom: Yes.
Professor Utonium: Are आप enjoying his...
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