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 Teen Bubbles and Boomer
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narter:the town wher cars zoom by
*cars on frier*
flor:*usess ice breth*
christ:puts the cars back
kevin:stands अगला 34 inches away from them
kevin:huh? *gets rand over द्वारा 10 cars*
flor and christopher:KEVIN!!!!!
buttercup:how is he?
docter:hes fine just in pane rapped in bandage
buttercup:good thing sooper herios heal faster than normul pepole
flor:*sings imonged heap-seeding cars to kevin
christopher:*sings life is a highway to kevin*
buttercup:*sings rush to kevin*
butch:*sings हटाइए along to kevin*
3 days later
flor:you do आप feel?
christopher:how was it?
kevin:fine thay let me watch TV
narater:the दिन is saved thanks to all that sang to kevin!
Original song: link

Blossom: Some people once told us that we look very little,
They think that we are normal girls,

Bubbles: But it is not so long, and that we will prove them wrong,
By flying and doing a twirl,

Buttercup: Well the crimes start coming and they don't stop running,
So we fly in and we beat them stunning,
And when their bodies are very frail,
The cops then come and send them to jail,

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup: And आप do not want to defeat,
So what's wrong with taking the back streets?
So drop that gun and run away,
You'll never come again that day,

Blossom: हे now, we have powers,...
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